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“Prophecy is alive and fulfilling very rapidly in nature, weather and international events! We see by the news across the top of Africa along the Mediterranean. This is the exact path where the fiery light went across Africa that was predicted in our visionary letter! Of course this involved many other events also as we described.” – “It is lawlessness, terrorist events that we have witnessed everywhere that will finally bring on a world leader!”

“Sometimes events are overlooked that could be very important concerning the end of the age and prophecy! For sometime we have heard of the vast wealth situated in the Dead Sea near Israel. We can see this age will rely heavily on chemicals especially to fertilize crops and to do other valuable things! A few of the minerals and chemicals are bromides, phosphates, nitrates, etc. and many health minerals! – It is said that there are over trillions of dollars of wealth in the Dead Sea when fully produced! Israel controls this and all of it will be a great aid to the anti-Christ who deceives them! – Now the main factor is, this may be another reason why Russia invades Israel!” – Ezek. 38:13 . . . “As we well know says Russia will come to take a spoil. Besides chemicals this will include: oil, gold, silver, food, the cultivated land! – They also want to occupy the center of the earth and have a warm water port! – Now the territory of Israel and Palestine is a land bridge between Asia and Africa and quick passage to Europe! – Later with severe starvation in Russia and China and with other parts of the world they will want this area! – Geographically it is one of the most valuable spots on earth!” – “This is the land that Jesus has chosen to rule during the Millennium so we see Satan is doing everything he can to occupy and take it over! – But Jesus will, at the proper time, control it all!”

“One more sign of the times is the crises in the cities. The overcrowding, traffic, population, crime . . . will in the future cause a revolutionary change! – The cities will be governed by electronic computers! – We see that air traffic is already being largely controlled this way! – But now the super highways, industry, technology, police and fire departments will be completely controlled by sophisticated computers, radar and electronics!” – “We see new type electronic highways and cars coming! – Also the masses of society plus their money and banking will be electronically controlled! – As we see these events coming surely Christs’ returning is near!”

“It is now that many parts of the cities during the night time is a breeding ground of wide spread drug use, lawlessness, witchcraft, sorcery and actually some ritual murders have taken place! In some places drugs are being used in the practices of sorcery and witchcraft! – The intercoursing in front of different type idols as in Greek and Pagan Rome! . . . Also the worship of Satanism is on the rise. Children are being led astray because parents are not teaching them the Word of God!” – “This is exactly the way the Scriptures predicted it would be at the end of the age and even worsening! – In this special writing we have just briefly touched on it . . . there is more that could be written, the events are much darker and hideous indeed!”

“And when the world is drunk in sin, false religion, wizardry and witchcraft . . . then their master will rise, even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs (fake) and lying wonders! It says ‘with all deceivableness!’ – It revealed they were in this condition because they believed not the love of the truth, that they might be saved!” (II Thess. 2:9-

  • – “But let the elect remember because we believe God’s Word . . . He has given us power over all the power of the enemy! – We are more than conquerors in the Lord Jesus!” – “He will safely guide us through the dark shadows of this planet; even as He guided David through the shadows of death! – And the King said, I will fear no evil, for thy rod (Word) and thy staff comforteth me! (Ps. 23) Amen!” – “His lamp will give us light in these perilous times. The angel of the Lord encampeth round about us. He will guide us safely through!”

“Here is the same time we will be living in, it is a prophetic sign!” – “We will see disobedience of children to parents, betrayal and rejection of loved ones because of the gospel, the rise of scoffers concerning His coming, world perplexity! . . . Prophecy declares Jesus’ coming will be very sudden and unexpected, except for those who understand the season of time!” –

“We can foresee wars, famines, pestilence, revolutions and huge quakes! Worldwide and national distress, fear and unrest will hang over the world like a cloud. New inventions of destruction to terrify mankind!” – “Severe famine and droughts in many parts of the world, while floods destroy other parts! Tornadoes and hurricanes doing great damage!” – “Many events are occurring! This is our time to do our last harvest work for Jesus! – He is alerting us by revealing all of these signs!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby