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“Starting with this special writing we begin a series concerning some important writings of the future! – It will give light to dark places concerning prophecy and the Scriptures and clarify events concerning the end time!” – “I foresee a time curve coming, providence will change and turn events drastically. This concerns the destiny of the elect, politics, social unrest, economics, religious and world leaders, wars, weather disturbances, population and crime wave, atomic threat, underground changes, astonishing and even fearful signs from the heavens!” – “Things are not going to take their normal course, but extreme changes will take place changing the course of the nation! – New patterns are ahead. But first we are going to do a two-part series and quote men in past history . . . also Bible prophets, Jesus’ last statements in 33 AD, quotes from men of the 12th Century and the 15th Century speaking of things to come in the 1700’s and some in the early 1900’s up until our time! – Our Scripts will serve as a guide with some new material!”

“At the end of the age we are to receive a refreshing power along with events to lead us!” – Isa. 28:10, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line, here a little and there a little!” – “Verses 11 and 12, reveals that it was at the time of the outpouring of the miraculous! (Acts 2:1-4) – This occurred somewhat in those days, but at the end it is to fully take place!” – “As you notice a line here, a line there, precept upon precept is exactly as the Scrolls have been written with a strong fiery anointing! . . . Also through history God has spoken a little here and a little there through men that we will quote!” – “Plus through the 7 Church Ages He has spoken some here and some there, increasing it more each time until our last age!” (Rev. 1:20) – “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, and His elect is the church of prophecy giving guidance! . . . But sad to say at the same time great apostasy will be sweeping the earth, as Paul related below!”

  • 3:1-5, “He said the last days would be very dangerous times! . . . For men would think only of themselves – being greedy and unthankful, caring not for the salvation of souls; would be rebellious, their affections not normal, say one thing and do another, accuse innocent people, murderous and despise those that wanted to do good and serve God!” – “An age that would put every kind of pleasure first before God! . . . Heady, high-minded. . . . Of course this takes in drugs and alcoholism! – They would even have a form of godliness, but would deny the very power that saves and delivers the soul!” – “The rest of the chapter reveals the orgies and immorality of the latter times; and also false cults rising up to fight the true Christian and resist the absolute truth! – But because they resisted the truth they will be given over to strong delusion and follow a world dictator into madness and doom!” – “And the true believer will be caught away with the Lord Jesus!”

“Paul spoke about the vast falling away; Jude wrote about the great apostasy!” (I Tim. 4:1) – “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith!” . . . “Meaning that the people and the church systems would be given over to every kind of doctrine except the actual truth! – Their minds would be seared with a hot iron and they could not be changed!” – “So for us it is a wonderful thing to believe and know the Words of the Lord Jesus! – It is important to know the warning concerning these things because religious apostasy brings with it disintegration of all forms and in every category! . . . Political corruption sets in, an increase in crime follows, violence spreads, homes are cut asunder, scores of divorces without Scriptural reasons, apostasy, inflation, depression, etc. and debauchery of every type imagined. Prostitution arises, drugs increase along with social diseases, as in the news daily, etc.!” – “Apostasy brings along the attitude that God allows them to do anything they want to, even though it is opposite of His Word! – In other words, a strong delusion has overcome them!”

“Now let us draw our attention to the coming series! . . . A few men in history have been able to foresee the awful, treacherous and perilous age that we’ve entered!” – “For instance, it has been said and printed that in 1777 George Washington saw in a vision the future of this nation wherein he saw three great perils coming to America! . . . And the last one would be the worst to occur!” – “Years ago in 1927, J. Blakely said “. . . no place to be alone with God except in mountains or deserts!” – Those who live in the large cities now know how true this is! – “He also said the human race will be given over to vanity, pride and pleasure 90% above what they were then! . . . That crime would increase. In fact, it will be the most hideous in all history! . . . He said people would not dare go out at night. (Remember this was written in 1927!) . . . He spoke about the coming of abortions! . . . He also told of the styles of the clothing and what would occur! . . . He spoke about taxation and the labor problems! . . . He told about how the children of the Lord would be treated and etc.!” A forecaster said hundreds of years ago, “When the sun gives forth its signs and the stars and planets are disturbed and restless (moving about), coming close together (conjunctions), dark days will come and go (time shortening) . . . fiery battle will occur involving all nations! – Angels will be seen in celestial chariots over the land of the King (Israel)!” – “These woes will occur. Time is short! – Read St. Luke 21:25 and verse 11!” – “These are just a few quotes . . . During our research we have found some real good prophetic utterances that you do not want to miss, plus our own prophecies! See Scrolls.”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby