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“Truly according to the prophecies fulfilling around us prove that this is harvest time. There is no excuse for anyone to be ignorant concerning this. The evidence is all around us! – Paul said that day (return of Jesus) would not come unless there was first a falling away! – Falling away from what? Church membership? No! – It meant falling away from the real faith and Word!” – “As the Scriptures said, ‘Some shall depart from the faith falling into apostasy!’ – In another place it says, ‘the night is far spent, the day is at hand. It is high time to awake!’ – People are drifting into organized systems away from the real active Word of God once given and denying the power thereof!”

“Jesus said the hypocrites could discern the face of the sky and the weather, but that on the other hand they could not discern ‘the signs’ of the time! (Matt. 16:3) – O what a time to watch and pray! . . . We are entering the time of shock and upheaval. It is destined to be the most important and different time than in the history of the world!” – “At this hour most prophecy concerning the Elect Age is fulfilled beyond doubt! – Next the spiritual uniting and the last harvest work is to be in fulfillment in our time!” – “Concerning the end of the age Jesus said, ‘Look upon the fields for they are white (ripe) to harvest!’(John 4:35) – In Luke 10:2 he said, ‘The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few!’ – And that our job is to pray more will be sent! Here Jesus is called The Lord of the harvest! . . . O what a harvest as the age ends! – And He has called us personally, and He will direct it in perfect order, its final conclusion and He translates His children! . . . What an hour to be living in that we are a part of such wonderful work associated to the very Lord of the harvest!”

“Isa. 43:10 says ye are my witnesses! Joel chap 2:23 says He will restore ‘the former and latter rain’ in the same month, meaning in the same age, season of time! – In our era it would be some point from 1946-48 up until our time now, and not really too much further according to the signs around us!” – “We are entering the latter rain of harvest! – Verses 28-29 reveals an outpouring upon all flesh, but its sad to say that not all flesh will accept it! – But ‘those who do will be greatly blessed’ and swept away with the Lord Jesus!” – “In this latter rain what a rejoicing time, such an outpouring of divine love and extreme power to those with an open heart!”

“Jesus said to go into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled! (Luke 14:21-23) – This means the gospel will go out of bounds into places that has never been reached before, and people will receive salvation. It means by personal evangelism, electronics, etc. and by publications and literature such as you and my partners are helping me to do! . . . We are giving them the invitation to the great supper!” (Verses 16-23) – Jesus said, “I am the door, if any man enters, he shall be saved!” – “Let us do our work swiftly and well, that His house may be filled and His quota will be met!”

“The world is living in crises and perilous times, but we the people of God are living in ‘Christ’s time’ in the refreshing of His spirit, in the miraculous of His wonders to heal and deliver! Praise Him!” – “And as our age closes out we will be fulfilling and part of this very prophecy!” – “And the spirit and the bride say, come and let him that ‘heareth’ come, and let him that is ‘athirst’ come, and ‘whosoever will’ let him take of the water of life freely!” (Rev. 22:17) – “Just look at the 3 different calls. And finally it says in the highways and hedges – ‘whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely! . . . In other words, His elect will reach every one that is predestined to believe in Him! – unto the translation of the Church! – Oh our task is ever before us, and time is short! And in several different places in the last chapters of Revelation He sums it up, ‘Behold I come quickly, behold I come quickly!’ . . . Meaning the events at the end of the age would occur swiftly and suddenly and the harvest would be over for us! – And the whole world will be taken by surprise!” (Luke 21:35-36)

“Behold saith the Lord, launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught! (Luke 5:4) Yea, fear not from hence forth thou shalt catch men!” (Verse 10) – “It meant that we are going to reach more souls with the gospel, and that we are not to fear, but to continue by faith! – And He will meet our needs by a miracle of supply!” – “Yea, saith the Lord, I am always ready to help My people who help Me! Do ye not remember the coin in the fish’s mouth that the needs were met! (Matt. 17:27) Then also saith the Lord, I will supernaturally meet the needs of all those who work in My harvest! – Even as I met the needs of the woman and Elijah the prophet!” (I Kings 17:14) – “So we see that when it comes to the harvest work there is no limit to what God will do for those who give, pray and love Him!”

“Unfolding – The gathering storm concerning charismatic and seductive leaders, weather, economics, crime, governments, wars, youth problems, changes within the earth and sea, signs in the heaven, religious world leaders change, appearing more subtle apostates . . . immorals as pagan Rome, a fantasy world of make believe entering the great apostasy (Rev. 17:1-5) that will sweep the earth!” . . . “The people entering the twilight world, the destruction and desolation looms before them!” – I might say that during the same time the real Church will receive true restoration, Jubilee and real revival!”

God love you,

Neal Frisby