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“By the news we can see scores of prophecies fulfilling not only from the prophetic Scripts, but from the Bible also! And numerous other major events will take place shortly!” – “In this special writing we will take into consideration the book of Jude, which is overlooked by many, but it is a very important chapter and many hidden mysteries are contained therein! We will take it part by part to bring out valuable understanding!” – Jude 1:3, “Commands us to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints! This proves the power of the apostles and miracles never ceased, but are to be used and are in action today! Paul said in our time people would not endure sound doctrine, but would fall away!” (II Tim. 4:3) And false cults would arise and teach opposite of the Word as verse 4 reveals!” – “For there are certain men crept in unawares who were before of old ordained to this condemnation!” – “This shows us that God allowed it to happen in predestination! It says ungodly men, actually denying our Lord Jesus Christ! These are the weeds that crept in unawares among the wheat. (II Tim. 3:5 – St. Matt. 13:30) Verse 5, “is interesting indeed, wherein it reveals how the Lord saved the people out of Egypt, but afterwards destroyed them because they had seen the miracles then later believed not!” – “And in our generation the Lord has saved many people out of sin and they have seen mighty miracles of healings, but are now falling away into lukewarm organizations and unbelief; and He will destroy these systems too!” Verse 6, “which speaks about the angels losing their first estate, evidently this has to do with satan and the fall of his angels and also possibly takes in their sins during the pre -historic times!” – Verse 7, “reveals the awful cataclysmic overthrow of the earth’s sinners, with God’s vengeance of eternal fire!” Verse 8, “speaking of filthy dreamers, this is not ordinary dreams. These are those that plan and invent wicked things to defile those around them! And defy angelic principalities and heavenly dignitaries or messengers! Because verse 9 helps to solve the mystery of last part of verse 8, where satan disputed with Michael’s deity dominion about the body of Moses! (Dan. 12:1-3) – This also shows that satan will try to prevent the Translation and the resurrection of the dead previous to rapture time! But God took the body of Moses! And satan will fail at this too and Jesus will say the same thing again; The Lord rebuke thee! And the saints will go up hither!” – (I Thess. 4:16-17)

Jude, verse 10, reveals all these deadly deceivers as brute beasts . . . ! Verse 11, “reveals they have gone the way of Cain and run after Balaam! These are the seed that we spoke about in Eden who were associated to the serpent’s character, and do likewise! – I John 2:18 -19, “reveals them as antichrists! And I John 3:10, 12, “reveals in all this the children of ‘God’s seed’ are manifest and the ‘seed of the serpent’ are manifest!” Verse 12, “As Cain was of that ‘wicked one’ and slew his brother!” “These are the weeds so to speak!” Verse 13, “marvel not if the world hate you! It’s the false seed vine!”

Jude 1:12, “reveals these put spots in your love and what you would like to do in your work! It says clouds without water, carried about with wind (strife)! Trees without fruit, twice dead plucked up by the roots! Verse 13, raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame.” – “It reveals causing trouble among the people, stirring up mischief “wandering stars” to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness! This takes in the false star vine of satan and his rebellious children! Similar to this Scripture, Rev. 9:1, 11! – “It also takes in the corrupt nude films and orgies of Hollywood! And filthy dreamers to invent these pictures would refer us back to verse 8 concerning this!” – “Also these evil stars promote murders, like in the Manson case and various others too numerous to mention here occurring in the nation! – Verse 15, “bears out the evil of the age!” Verse 14, but in the middle of all this wickedness it reveals the Translation of the church. “Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints!” Verse 16 speaks of murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts, their mouth speaking great swelling words! This is just like the Bible predicted; notice the last few years in politics, and false religions speaking great things to the people! Also it says the word “walking”, this reveals the murmurers and complainers in our streets walking with signs above their heads (great swelling words) on the signs! Complaining in the streets about issues, abortion, women’s lib, labor, equality, etc! – “The elect are carrying a sign so to speak too, but it’s the manifestations of the Holy Spirit rejoicing!”

Verse 18, goes on to say there would be mockers in the last days; of course we’ve seen all this around us! – But verse 20 reveals to us what we should be doing at this time! And it says, “Beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost! How does it say building up your faith? – praying “in the Holy Spirit” – producing the anointing! Verse 21 also is combining this with the love of God. Verse 23, “reveals some will be saved just in the nick of time out of the fire because of compassion!” Verse 24, “reveals we should stand in the presence of His glory with exceeding joy!” Verse 25,

“reveals to the “Only wise God” our “Saviour” be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever! Notice it says, the only wise God, our Saviour, Jesus Christ!” – James 2:19 “reveals the devil knows this also and trembles!” “In case you want to read a few more Scriptures that compare the verses in Jude, especially verses 6-10, we will list them here. II Peter 2:10-13, 17-22 – Rom. 1:21-32.”

In Christian Love and Prayers,

Neal Frisby