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“This is a vital and important subject. The nations are in a major inflationary recession world wide, all over the continents economists agree on one thing – the good old days of lower prices are vanishing! Economic collapse is coming on a world wide basis, threatening France, Great Britain, South America, Africa, Asia, the U.S.A., etc.” – “What is happening to the value of our money and our free enterprise system?” “Government and economic experts admit that we have lost most of the value of our money and it is still diminishing! It is not exactly that things are going up, it is that our dollar buys less! Some believe in the end the U.S. will enter a period of hyperinflation. It is not the same dollar of 1929; here are some sensible reasons why.” “In 1933 the U.S.A. citizens could no longer convert their dollars into gold so the people’s confidence was not as strong in plain paper!” Our protection was in the Constitution of the United States, it says, “Therefore any paper money not convertible into silver or gold is strictly unconstitutional.” Our forefathers knew if they got off of this standard, “inflation” would come and later lead to dictatorship and controls! – “The politicians ignored this and most of our value is gone! A closer look reveals they have printed too much paper without any backing! The government printed and spent more money than it has or could get back by even raising taxes! ‘Bundles of money’ in circulation is a major cause of ‘inflation’!” (Editor’s note: Later in 1975 you could again legally purchase gold.)

“Also they have overdone the give-away programs and the billions they gave away will come right back to haunt them. Some nations voiced their ‘international rights’ and drained us of our gold reserve thereby cheapening our dollar even more!” – “Foreigners could demand gold, until 1972, for our dollars, and when they found out the U.S. dollar was no longer convertible they purchased gold in Europe with it, so the price of gold leaped up and the dollar value went down!” – “The governments have printed too much paper currency and this is one cause which creates inflation! So money becomes of less and less value and prices are forced higher and higher! This paves the way for dictatorship, remember Adolph Hitler rose to power after the inflationary bankruptcy in Germany!” “The entire economy and government itself can be taken over by this same type of dictatorship!” (Read Rev. 13:11-18 and Rev. 6:5-8) – “This inflation, coupled with shortages and famine can absolutely bring on strong control! Also crimes and violence increased greatly during the destructive time in Germany! During this chaotic period Hitler started his rise to power!” So more inflationary violence will come! “The recessions will worsen into a depression, but out of this will come a new world system and later prosperity will return, but finally leading right into the anti-Christ mark!” (Luke 17: 27-29 – Rev. 13 – Dan. 8:25) “Then famine will increase even more horribly during the Tribulation!”

“Now let’s insert an important part here. What was the Bible pattern for dealing in trade and economic matters? Abraham and Joseph gave the proper manner, although many other Scriptures confirm it also! (Read Gen. 23:16 – Gen. 24:35 – Gen. 43:21 – Gen. 44:8 – a good example, Gen. 47:14-27.) These great prophets used their wealth properly. – But in James 5:1-6 it shows that evil men misuse it, and then God brings judgment at the end time.” “A financial expert on currency and a financial advisor to many large companies and foreign governments said a new currency and system is coming. He believes inflation will continue upward and more devaluation of the dollar. He sees possibly in the future more panic in the stock market.” “All of these events, shortages and famines happening in the world could finally bring about a police state and martial law!” (Rev. 13) “Then the tribulation black horse rider will appear (Rev. 6) bringing economic convulsion and starvation!”

“I’m not writing against the U.S. dollar, spend it and use it for the Gospel as long as it works; but what we are saying is they’ve gotten off the constitutional standard and the people have been cheated of much of their value!” “Also the U.S. is losing the value of their morals and going into a sinful catastrophic overthrow! These words can sum up the whole article, the ‘boom’ and the ‘bust’.” (Also the scrolls predicted years ago all we have just written about above and more events are yet to appear!)

God bless and love you,

Neal Frisby