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“I would like to say that miracles do and will occur as people pray together and agree together. – Here are some encouraging Scriptures.” . . . “Whatsoever you ask in My name I will do.” (John 14:13) – “If two agree on earth as touching anything they ask it shall be done.” (Matt. 18:19) – “With His stripes we are healed!” (Isa. 53:5) – Notice it says “we are healed,” “past” tense! – Also I Peter 2:24 says, “Ye ‘were’ healed!” – You have healing (seed) within you, but you must believe it, then it is manifested! – “Your faith is the very evidence before you see it or feel it!” (Heb. 11:1) – “Your faith can even grow until you have whatsoever you saith!” (Mark 11:23) – We are entering the time of “speak the word” only type faith. “When you pray believe that you have received and ye shall receive!” (Verse 24) – “If you abide in Him and His Word abides in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be done!” (John 15:7) – As you read the Special Writings, Scripts and Scriptures in the future your faith will abound and grow in a new dimension! Also secrets will come alive, and revelations and prophecy will be revealed to you preparing you for the coming of the Lord Jesus!

Ps. 103:3, “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases!” . . . “Now God has provided faith and healing gifts to make people well; but He also provides divine health and wants His people to take advantage of it!” . . . “Verse 5 speaks of the “renewing of youth” and restoring of strength of even the elderly. – “God has promised divine health and virility and energy even for those entering their later years!” – David commands in verse 3, “And don’t forget all these benefits!” – “So there is a place in God’s plans whereby we can serve a life of usefulness to God all the days that we are on earth, or until the translation takes place! And His return is near!” . . . “So obey God’s laws of health in eating, resting and exercise! This is what Moses did, and look what the Lord did for him in divine health!” (Deut.34:7) – And here is another thing, Moses intensified his long life (120 years) by fastings! But even if one does not fast or fast often he is still ensured divine health by proper trust and living! – And should sickness try to strike, God will heal him or her!”

“Listen to this, there is a wonderful miracle recorded in the Bible in Ps. 105:37 that has often been forgotten or ignored! – It says God healed a whole nation and prospered them all at the same time! – Indeed in this special writing we are witnessing some remarkable and fascinating Scriptures and they are definitely for the believer!” . . . Remember Jesus cried out, “All things are possible to him that believeth!” (Mark 9:23) – “The Lord wants His people to be in health and to prosper!” (III John 1:2)

– This is for the bold believer or the one who wants to step out by faith. – In the latter part of Luke 6:38 it says, “what ever you give, the same shall be measured to you again.” – At the top it says as you give, it shall be given to you again and running over. But let’s reverse this and send it towards God in this fashion! – Give to Him in good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over into God’s bosom (treasure house)! – So we see the same thing will come back towards you, and fill your treasure house! – So we understand by using wisdom, people can systematically work their way into the richest of blessings from on high! – And “He will ‘open up’ the windows of heaven and pour them out upon you!” (Mal.3:10) Ps. 112:3

“It says His blessings shall overtake you.” (Deut. 28:2) Verse 12 says, “He will open His good treasure unto you!” – “It says you shall remember the Lord (in thy giving) for it is He who ‘giveth thee power’ to get wealth!” – “In case anyone should worry about their fuel or food bills in the harsh winters or otherwise, the Lord has promised not to fail you, as you trust and give to Him!” – For thus saith the Lord, the barrel of ‘meal’ shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of ‘oil’ fail!” (I Kings 17:14) – ‘Also Elijah was fed by the ravens supernaturally and He will take care of His Elijah saints that are upon the earth at His coming! Yea and amen, we are in the harvest time! Miracles are real!”

“Here is a little wisdom. Remember, when Job ceased to question God’s providence and got his eyes off himself (troubles) and on God’s words, his health was restored and he was healed and prospered! – Many people today make the same mistake . . .

They are prone to question God’s goodness or wisdom. They say, why does God permit this to happen or that? Or why was this one healed and that one wasn’t, etc.? Or why did God take this one and leave that one, etc.? – Stay out of this type of pitfall.

– Be positive, and leave it in the Lord’s hands!” Also remember Job confessed fear and got more fear! . . . He confessed weakness, and had weakness! . . . He confessed misery and got more misery! – It is a very true saying, one cannot rise any higher than his confession! When Job made a turnaround and became positive and listened to the Almighty, great blessings were poured out upon him! – Oh yes, he also prayed for his friends that disagreed with him and the love of God was with him! – You can notice his faith slowly rising over his despair. – One of his first positive statements was, “Though God slay me, yet I will trust Him!” . . . And all of the time the providence of God was working things out for him and the Lord will for you too, no matter what you need or desire, He will provide! – So confess God’s promises, health and prosperity! – Confess positive things and your faith will grow in leaps and bounds!” – “The Lord will surely prosper and bless you as this special writing states above. It is anointed to increase your faith!”

In God’s divine love,

Neal Frisby