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This written here by Brother Frisby reveals from the beginning right up to the end of the age and clear out to the Day of the Lord. More than a wealth of information. As you put it all together you’ll be astonished at what the Lord Jesus has inspired for your conformation and benefit. It definitely has amazing information all should have.

Prophetic Mysteries – The Titanic sunk – “ice berg” April 12, 1912 before the breaking out of W.W. I. – Germany’s giant airship, the Hindenburg, went down in a blaze of fire (May 6, 1937) just about the time Hitler was starting in W.W. II. So we see ice and fire was involved. What we see today, is the polar region in the ice causing trouble, also volcanic eruptions. Scientists say ice and fire are acting up. Through prophecy it says in the future fire and ice shall judge mankind, Rev. 16:9-10 and verses 16-21, and also read Ezek. 38: 22. This gives us a unique insight of the future. The earth will heat up and then turn cold; it’s atomic chill. – My sermon “Atomic Chill” explains it (Rev.18: 7-10). For the wicked nation it doesn’t reveal a very pretty picture, but reveals a cataclysmic end. God’s elect are full of joy and are taken up – Rev. The Great Day of the Lord will climax in ice, fire, smoke and darkness, Isa. 24:6. As you read the rest of the chapter in verses 18-22, it unveils a terrible catastrophic end. – Its an axis tilt (Amos 8:9) evidently unveils the same conditions. All of this gives you amazing insight of the rest of the coming prophecies, a rare blended insight.

Attention: Also the people said, who would have thought N.Y. towers would come down. The same time these events coincide as war looms in the Middle East – a special significance. Plus terrorist war beginning. The scriptural events that we spoke of are definitely on the way.

The Downfall – Like the Titanic where the uplifted pride of men who said it was unsinkable, but it sank just the same, later Adolf Hitler thought Germany had prince and power of the air – the giant Hindenburg Blimp. But as you can see it was hell-fire in the air and on the ground. In one apocalyptic flash an enormous fire disaster!

Special writing dedicated to Evangelist Neal Frisby. 
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings as Eagles;
They shall run, and not be weary;
And they shall walk, and not faint. Isa. 40:31

Special Writing YEAR 2005