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Divine inspiration signals some dramatic changes in the ministry and God’s future plans. Yea saith the Almighty, as the bee goeth to the flower to prepare for honey, so I sent my Servant for a sweet fragrance to my people! Yea for a Great Refreshing shall come. This I have promised my Children. Watch for in him I shall prepare a Watchman over the House of the Lord! OH! For a fire springeth forth and the heat thereof shall be felt among my Chosen. Look! Listen! Behold it cometh! It cometh! It cometh! Yea the magnificent splendor of the Lord of Host! Yea I have weighed the world in the balance! By measure I have measured the times. And by number have I numbered the times! And I doth not move nor stir them until the said measure be fulfilled! Behold it is nearly fulfilled!

(Try me saith the Almighty, prove me in this message, for now is the chosen time that I desire my people to work. Oh! Send forth the mighty anointed Scrolls for the night cometh when no man shall work! Behold my servant hath spoken like Paul, and Satan hath tried him, but I have given him a great people and a strong one. There hath not ever been the like. Neither shall there be any to compare with it. Who I foreknew they are my own! Put thy trust in me, send forth my message! For surely the Bride makes herself ready! Behold I will come and go quicker than thou thinkest. I shall appear very soon!) – And – “To him that heareth the door openeth, and the Sheep hear His voice. (And He calleth His own by name, and leadeth them out.) The Sheep follow Him for My Sheep know my voice and I know them, and they follow me and I give them Eternal Life. They shall never parish; neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand! He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the people. And to him that believeth he shall walk with me in white!”

  • know the partners that God gives me are especially called to send forth the Prophetic Events. It is wonderful when Jesus lets His Light shine down on the ones that are supporting the ministry. It is this group that has caused books and literature to go to multitudes of people as a witness. And you will be given full credit from Him that knoweth all things. – If I could just somehow explain the tremendous galaxy of majestic Glory that has surrounded me while I receive the Events. If you could somehow just realize the brilliance, you could receive anything you ask for! I have seen things so incredible for the future that I’m not allowed to write all. (They were given to me as a comfort.) There are times when I am actually standing in the present and at the same time walking around and seeing events that are yet in the future. THUS SAITH THE LORD


EDITOR – Almost every person on the list claims they would not take pure gold for the Scrolls, and no amount of money could replace them. The Lord has certainly done something out of the ordinary for His people.

Jesus Love and Bless You,

Neal Frisby