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“This particular special writing will be different from the usual. Partners want to know about divine health, and I’ve wanted to write about this for quite awhile. It should be valuable and interesting to the body of Christ!” – “We see divine healing miracles in every service, but if a person doesn’t take care of their health they won’t feel as good and enjoy what God gives them!” – “To have divine health one must eat the proper foods (it’s not how much you eat, but what you eat) and follow the instructions of the Scriptures!” – “The Bible gives secrets leading to divine health and healing!” – “Both are definite promises from the Lord!” “If you feel better you can do more for Jesus and have a better testimony, your bodies should be bubbling with joy, health and strength!” – “But first one must get rid of the fear and doubt, and believe for divine health; it is a God given promise!” – “You are as ‘young as your faith’, as ‘old as your doubt’, as ‘young as your self-confidence’, as ‘old as your fear’, as ‘young as your hope’!”

“In the beginning Adam and Eve had divine health until they broke God’s laws!” – “From the very start God’s original plan for us was divine health, but men break His laws of health so He gives us divine healing in His mercy!” – “In the wilderness God gave them a ‘health law’ and covenant! (Deut. 7:15) Deut. 28:2, “And if they did not hearken unto the Lord He gave them a curse!” Verses 15, 26-29. – Ex. 23:23-26, “He promises the angel of the Lord shall go before thee, bless thy bread and water, take away sickness, plus the ‘number of thy days’ will I fulfill!” – “In the wilderness He gave them ‘manna’ from heaven which had all the elements of a well balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, which gave ‘them energy’, and a spiritual quality and which would not leave them feeling stuffed!” A spiritual food! He also gave them a quota of meat (quail) Ps. 105:40. – “But they didn’t want ‘the manna’ but lusted exceedingly after too much meat and the things of Egypt!” (Ps. 106:14) Other Scriptures bear this out about breaking God’s health laws!

And now some proof of what one can have! In Ps. 103:5, “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things, so that ‘thy YOUTH’ is renewed like the eagles!” – “This satisfieth thy mouth with good things means like the Word of the Lord, revelation, and proper foods, etc.” – “The manna had a touch of life to it, but they turned it down!” – We will speak more on this presently! – “There are secrets that will actually renew your youth!” – “You may get a few gray hairs and get a little soft, but God has promised you a ‘young mind’ and a ‘young heart’! You are ‘young as your faith’ and ‘as old as your doubts’!” Isa.40:29-31 says, “He will increase your strength, and those that wait upon Him, He will renew their energy (vitality); they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall not faint nor be weary!” – These Scriptures are especially for the end of the age too in preparing the body of Christ! “Young or old the Bible promises you health and energy! We are going to be just like Israel when they came out!” Ps. 105:37, “And there was not one feeble person among their tribes!” “They had spiritual strength and vitality, they also had prosperity!” Verse 41, “The Rock opened to them!” – I Cor. 10:3-4, “God gave them spiritual meat and spiritual drink, and they drank of that spiritual Rock, and that Rock was Christ!” (Typing of the Headstone of today.) “We, like Israel, have the Rock!” – “When the body fully joins to the Headship we will have all His promises and divine health!”

Here is more Biblical proof! In Deut. 34:7, “Moses was 120 years old, his eyes were not dim nor his natural force abated!” “Means he had ‘divine health’ and vitality, he was not even withered much!” – “The Bible promises 72 years, but we can add to it!” “I’m not trying to live to be as old as Moses for I feel the Lord will come soon, but what I’m saying is I feel the Church should feel full of energy and add years to the older so that they can see Jesus return.” “Your sunset years need not to be years of loneliness nor remorse. The same God who helped you in your youth will help you in your late years! Your sunset years can be beautiful as you act in faith!” – Josh. 14:11, Caleb at 85 was as “strong” as a young man! Verse 8 says, “because he wholly followed the Lord in God’s divine health laws and ate proper and the manna!” – “The same blessings are for us today!”

– “Job lived 140 years! After his sickness, God gave him divine health!” (Job 42:16-17) – Dan. 1:12-15, “revealed Daniel had divine health! He ate pulse (vegetables); he refused the King’s table, verse 8. Great secrets in these few verses!”

“The Scriptures bear out that a person should exercise some and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, some nuts, and not so much meat, especially the way they produce it today. Also one should eat more and various seafood! Doctors have found out that seafood contains a nucleic substance which slows down the aging process and gives energy!” “Now everything that Jesus touched added life to it, what He did was an example to us to renew our youth and energy! St. Matt. 14:17 reveals He gave them rich whole wheat bread and seafood! Some of the same vitamins and minerals in this was in the manna in the wilderness!” – “He also gave them fruit of the vine (grape juice) and also honey!” (Luke 24:42-43) “It must have been important food, He ate it Himself!” – St. John 21:9-13, “another example!” – “Also Jesus had divine health!”

“The Lord wants the Elect body healed and full of health when He comes!” “Read Ps. 103:5 again, renew your youth, and Isa. 40:31, renew your strength (vitality)!” – “Believe for divine health! Your sunset years can be beautiful!” – “You are as young as your faith, and as old as your doubt!” – “God has given us divine healing gifts, but He also wants us to take care of our health!” – “My prayer is, may your body, mind and heart stay young in the Lord Jesus!” (Isa. 55:11 – III John 2) “Read and keep this special writing and Scriptures as a guide!”

In the abundant love and blessing of Jesus,

Neal Frisby