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God, the law, and the prophet, were standing on the mount, before three witnesses. Matthew 22:32 reads, “I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” At the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were already dead and buried, their bodies were in the grave; but the Lord said they are living (in paradise). Also Moses and Elijah were not around during the time of Jesus Christ on earth. But on mount Transfiguration both men were seen alive in a discussion with the Lord. All these men left the earth hundreds of years before Christ came to earth. Moses was dead, Elijah was carried to heaven; their appearance on the mount with Christ and engagement in a discussion with the Lord, proved that these men were still alive and that truly the Lord is God of the living and not of the dead. The mount Transfiguration experience witnessed by the apostles Peter, James and John (Matthew 17:1-9) confirmed that the experience occurred and Moses and Elijah were really alive. The transfiguration has a lot of lessons to it and will be examined in this message carefully.

The element of the supernatural in every believer is seen by the actions of Peter the apostle. Moses and Elijah were gone several hundred years before Peter’s time but surprisingly Peter was able to identify Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:4). Have you ever imagined, how did Peter identify these men of God by name, was he taught about them in the synagogues? Jesus never mentioned about them to the apostles; so the only alternative left is that it came to Peter as a revelation. When we get to heaven we shall by revelation identify people like Enoch, Noah, Samuel, David, Ruth, Job, Paul and a host of other people.

In verse 2, Jesus was transfigured before his three apostles; his face did shine as the sun, as his raiment was white as the light. Jesus Christ was seen of the three apostles in the deity form. John saw him transfigured before their eyes, he saw him again in Revelation 1:12-17, this same Jesus Christ is both the root and offspring of David (Revelation 22:16). His transfiguration was a dimensional situation which he allowed the three apostles to see, it was a privilege to help their faith and he told them not to reveal it to anyone until his resurrection, (Matt. 17:9). These apostles shared and kept this testimony among the three of them. It was binding and they kept it as requested of them by the Lord.

The next thing the three apostles saw with the transfiguration was the presence of Moses and Elijah (the law and the prophet). Ever imagined two men, who lived in different generations of hundreds of years apart, appearing in another totally different generation of time with the apostles? It is only the creator who can bring all together because he is the same yesterday, today and forever. The apostles found the two men discussing with the Lord. God talks to men in different dimensions. He said I came to fulfill the law and the prophets (Matt. 5:17). Jesus brought a dimension never known before to the three apostles. The dead stood and talked with him.

Peter as always catches revelations fast; he identified Moses and Elijah and proceeded to tell Jesus about making three tabernacles one for the Lord, another for Moses and another for Elijah. He had a supernatural revelation of the men but a natural and human expectation of the thought of tabernacles. Sometimes we get so natural that we allow the supernatural fade away. The transfiguration was taking place and the thought of tabernacles was surfacing. Same thing happens with us today; when God is bringing us into a supernatural experience, we are busy messing around with natural things like thinking about setting up tabernacles that forgets to include us. Peter’s thoughts were honorable but when the clouds lifted the two men were gone and the supernatural returned to the natural. Peter’s tabernacle imaginations like our human thoughts today disappeared in an instant. Always hold to the supernatural.

While Peter yet spoke (interfering in the supernatural, Matt. 17:5), a bright cloud overshadowed them all. A voice came out of the cloud saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him.” The apostles heard the voice of God, his message and testimony about his Son; moreover God said he was well pleased with him, and admonished the apostles to hear and pay attention to whatever his Son tells them. The eternal one had spoken who can but obey. From this we learn to obey the word of God in the right way. a) Tell no man about the vision until the son of man is risen. b) listen to my beloved Son. These lessons are also for us today. Watch your testimony with the Lord, listen and hear his word.

When they had the voice of God they fell on their face and were sore afraid, Matt.17:6. But Our Lord as always reached out and touched them saying arise, be not afraid. They were afraid when they heard the voice of God and his statement. And as they lifted up their eyes they saw no man; Moses and Elijah were gone, Jesus was alone. The cloud of deity was gone and the two witnesses were gone; they were back to earth and the natural order of things again.

The secret of the transfiguration was kept by the three apostles until the death and resurrection of the Lord. The three apostles never told the other nine apostles of the experience at the Mount of Transfiguration. There are transfiguration moments in our life; they come once in a life time. What is your own transfiguration moment? Who are your own witnesses? Are there instructions you received, including visions and revelations? God is supreme and still appears to his own children. We are now at the end of the age. At the Mount of Transfiguration the Lord discussed his death and the salvation of mankind and much more with Moses and Elijah. In these last days, God by the Holy Spirit discusses and instructs his children about his coming for the Translation and much more. The Lord is talking to many children of his, leaving witnesses, giving visions and instructions about these last day events. The Lord is appearing, to many of his, angels are seen, all in dreams, visions, visitations and by the scriptures. Where do you fit in all of these? Among the believers today, some represent the three apostles, others the remaining nine apostles; still others represent the rest of the people.

During the quick short work the next group that represents the two witnesses on mount Transfiguration will appear. This group, are the dead in Christ who walk among us before the Translation and we shall recognize them like Peter did Moses and Elijah, who existed hundreds of years apart. According to brother Neal Frisby’s scroll message the dead in Christ will work and walk among us before the Translation. Keep your eyes open, for when you see or hear about the dead, alive in our midst like Moses and Elijah on the mount of Transfiguration; then know, we are having the cloud experience and ready to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we always be with him. In mansions (John 14:1-3) not in tabernacles. The Lord, Moses and Elijah will be with us all eternally. Be ye ready to meet God shortly.

by Douglas Amobi