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Some miracles start after prayer but some take days, weeks, months and even years to complete (some healing and salvation prayers). During this period your confessions will be very important negatively or positively. It is also a time to test one’s resolve and patience. One of the greatest miracles and source of power is the , not just any blood but the precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

The Christian is at liberty to accept and use the blood of Jesus Christ for several things, such as salvation, protection, healing, deliverance and much more. The blood is a mysterious substance and it contains LIFE. Take the blood out of any creature and that creature is dead because life is out of it. Life is in the blood. Imagine blood transfusion received by a dying person and life is restored. The Bible tells us that the LIFE of the flesh is in the BLOOD. (Leviticus 17:11. All life comes from of GOD ALMIGHTY. Remember that man cannot create man. The human life is carried in the blood and this is spiritual and it also carries the life of GOD. Remember the song that reads “Jesus, royal blood now flows through my veins.” Human and Deity both reside in the blood and this is part of the mystery of the blood.

In the hospital blood banks blood is stored, frozen but the dynamic force-LIFE is unaffected. The blood carries life not color of skin, culture or race. At death life in the blood steps aside, because life in the blood is not affected by the blood of the dead. That is another mystery of the blood. Jesus blood came from God not Mary or Joseph. There was no connection between the blood of Mary and that of Jesus Christ. The baby Jesus was implanted by the Holy Ghost and had no stain of the sin of Adam which is in every human. The implantation of baby Jesus in the womb of Mary was a supernatural act and has supernatural blood (Hebrews 10:5). The blood in Jesus Christ vein is the LIFE OF GOD and that is why He said I am the LIFE (St. John 11:25).
It is good to remember that sin corrupted the blood of man by the sin of Adam. That is why Jesus Christ came supernaturally by the blood of God without sin to save mankind. All that was required for salvation of man and restoration from Adam’s sin was the holy blood of God only resident in a body prepared by God called Jesus Christ. By His stripes at the whipping post, He paid for our sicknesses and diseases,(Isaiah 53:5 ). At Calvary He shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins. Whosoever believes these in their heart and confess such shall be saved.

Every negative thing, sin, death can be traced to the blood of Adam contaminated by sin. But help, life, restoration, forgiveness, deliverance comes by the atonement and purity of the blood of Jesus Christ. The choice to remain in sin (Adam) or righteousness (Jesus Christ), is absolutely in your hand and time may be running out to remain neutral. The last Adam (Jesus Christ) has life with the precious blood 1st Peter1:19. “Men who all their life, were in bondage of the fear of death,” which came by Adam. The cost of human redemption is the holy and precious blood of Jesus Christ, a ransom for many. Accept Jesus Christ now as your savior and Lord and get rid of the Adamic condemnation now and forever. Hebrews 9:22 states, “without the shedding of blood is no remission of sin.”

Believing in the Blood of Jesus Christ involves faith, confession, work and walk. When we talk about the Blood we remember that we are all condemned by the sin of Adam we are all under death, disease and pain.

Leviticus 17

When we accept Jesus Christ and He comes into our heart and life by faith it sanitizes our entire existence because the Blood of Jesus Christ contains LIFE ETERNAL. He gives the power of the endless life only found in Jesus Christ-Amen. Demons do not come near the Blood of Jesus Christ. Make sure the type of blood flowing through your veins. Satan flees away from anything covered by the blood of Jesus Christ by faith. You must have the blood of Christ in your blood and body by faith before you can use it. Remember Acts 3:3-9 “such as I have give I thee,” said, Peter. You cannot give what you do not have. If you attempt to give what you do not have, you make yourself a liar or an impostor or both. Revelations 5:9 “He has redeemed us to God by His blood, out of every kindred and tongue and people and nations.” The blood is for all who believe by faith in Jesus Christ.

As true believers when God looks on us He sees the atonement blood of Christ and not our sins. Remember the blood is the only heavenly acceptable thing for atonement for the soul because life is in the blood. Jesus Christ shed his blood gave his life for mankind on the cross of calvary. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. In the Old Testament the blood of bulls, goats, sheep and doves were used to cover sin or make atonement, it was a covenant. But Christ came with His holy blood the New Testament, not to cover sin only but to wash away and blot out our sins forever if we confess them. Yes He is faithful and righteous to forgive sins that are confessed to Him not to a priest. By faith when you accept Jesus Christ your sins which are black or scarlet in color becomes white as snow when it comes in contact with the blood of Jesus Christ when confessed. You become righteous and holy by His blood only.

The blood of Christ is always available and never runs out. Use it for everything to ensure the acknowledgement of Christ in your affairs. When I have negative or sinful thoughts come across my mind I use the blood of Christ against such and it has never failed me. I just repeat the blood of Jesus Christ by faith over and over in faith and trust. There is no alternative for the blood of Jesus Christ and His Name, against Satan and his demons. No matter the amount of praise, devotion you may use against evil forces the BLOOD of Christ Jesus is the ultimate power and defense. If you are observant you will see that not many Christian groups use or talk about the blood of Jesus Christ and what it really does; and that it is a major weapon against the devil. This attitude is delusion and deception of the devil over the churches.

“Genesis 4:10 – The Voice Of Thy Brother’s Blood Crieth Unto Me From The Ground”

It is only possible by faith and believe in the word of God to take the blood of Jesus Christ by faith (spiritual act) and then speak it into manifestation and reality against all things contrary to the word. As we pled the blood of Jesus Christ we bring more power and pressure to bear against the powers of darkness. You must use the blood by faith, not vain faithless repetition. Only a Christian who by faith has accepted the total work of Jesus Christ is privileged to use the blood. It is dangerous for unbelievers and the lukewarm Christian to try and use the blood. Remember and read Acts 19:14-16.

Revelation 12:11

When the blood was used in the book of Exodus 12:23, during the Passover, God said to apply the blood on the posts and lintel and when I bring death over Egypt, “When I see the BLOOD I will pass over you.” The same applies to-day and much more. When you as a believer, use the blood of Jesus Christ, you are covered from all the forces of evil. When God allows evil forces, they can only pass over you because you are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ, which is both a barrier and a seal of ownership of the Lord. The Wicked one is generally disturbed when, in faith we as Christians speak, sing, plead, or talk about the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. The camp of Satan runs a mock when the blood of Christ is repeated over and over in faith and adoration. Power is in the blood.

When you in faith speak the blood of Jesus Christ you remind the devil that the cross of Christ is a finished work, sin has been atoned for, forgiveness is granted, penalty for sin paid and the door to an endless life opened. All these are in Christ Jesus who gave His life for His friends, the High priest of our salvation. If the blood of a man speaks, like in Genesis 4:10, when God said to Cain, “what hast thou done?” “The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground,” saith the LORD. This is the voice of dead Abel but his blood had a voice and it cried unto God. Then imagine the BLOOD of CHRIST. The Voice in the blood, He is risen and not dead in the ground. Also imagine the blood of countless babies aborted or murdered, what the voice of their blood is saying to God even NOW. Do you know any of these babies or hear any of their voices -God knows all things and hears these voices, repent judgment is near. Jesus Christ is the only way out.

“Exodus 12:13 – And When I See The Blood, I Will Pass Over You & the Plague Shall Not Be Upon You To Destroy You ”

When you pled the blood of Jesus Christ, remember He is in heaven watching over His word sand promises to perform them, when all the conditions are right. When you pled the blood you are really putting total confidence in His mercy, protection and assurance. As you pled, speak, sing, and talk about the blood, use it for any needs, remember He is in heaven making intercession for us. He said, that even before we pray He knows what we have need of. Then imagine using His BLOOD by faith, this is power. Sin is the only thing that can let the devil through the blood line (protection). That is why it is necessary to confess your sins immediately else the devil is always around to sneak in to our fault line and try to cause an earthquake or better sin-quake. Remember Revelations 12:11, “AND THEY OVER HIM BY THE BLOOD OT THE LAMB, AND BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY; AND LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH.” Him, here is the devil, the BLOOD here is the BLOOD if JESUS CHRIST, the over comers here are from the earth, they used the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST to overcome the Satan and his forces and this gave them the testimony, even if their lives were involved to death.

Now we can all see the importance of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, speak it, use it, pled it, sing it, make a good warfare with it and build your testimonies with it, Amen.

By Douglas E. Amobi