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God does not forget because he is faithful 1st Corinthians 1:9 and righteous all together. God is all knowing and nothing escapes his judgment, faithfulness and mercies. Many times in this life God has created opportunities for us to be helpful to others, especially the people of God. Some of us have accepted this chance while others have ignored or abused these chances to defend, sacrifice or be helpful or good to others.

This message is meant to be personal to each of us. Whatever good you have done to a man woman or child of God, surely God is watching and keeping record. Even if the people do not remember or take notice; God is recording and watching. Nothing escapes his all seeing eyes of destiny. Learn to be good and helpful to people; it is noticed and recorded by God Almighty.

Man may forget your goodness to them but God does not forget. See if this applies to you today or for tomorrow. Sometimes you may have forgotten what God had used you to do in the past. But learn to yield yourself into the hand of God as a good instrument.

Let us examine this wonderful example; Esther 2:16, Mordecai and many Jews were carried from Jerusalem to Babylon into captivity. His uncle died and his little daughter (Hadassah) became Mordecai’s responsibility to raise. During this period there was a plot by Bigthana and Teresh the king’s trusted men to kill the king Ahasuerus. Mordecai knew of it and sent message that helped save the king’s life, Esther 6:2. The king forgot about the help of Mordecai in his deliverance; until when Haman the enemy of the Jews was plotting the destruction of the Jews. This he did by deceitfully getting the king to sign a decree about destroying Jews. Haman also hated Mordecai for not bowing to him, which thing a real Jew will not do except to God Almighty. Haman with his family dug a gallows 50 cubic feet for to hand Mordecai later. But Esther initiated a fast with the Jews about the new decree to destroy the Jews. God started to move on their behalf against Haman’s plot.

The king for no known reason, other than God who does not forget; made the king sleepless, Esther 6:1. Suddenly the king commanded that the book of record of Chronicles (actions of people that were note worthy). It was discovered written in the records what part Mordecai played in saving the king’s life in the past during the plot of Bigthana and Teresh. The king asked what honor and dignity hath been done to Mordecai and it was discovered that nothing had been done to or for him.

Haman was come to the king’s court to speak to him about hanging Mordecai on the gallows he had prepared for him. The king asked of Haman what should be done to a man, the king wants to honor. Haman was deceived in his heart by the devil to consider himself to be the man the king was thinking about (pride comes before a fall). Remember that the Lord will come at the appointed time and will remember you as he did in the case of Mordecai.

Haman answered the king and said, “Let the royal apparel of the king and the horse that the king rideth upon and crown be set upon his head and array the man withal whom the king delighteth to honor and bring him on horseback through the streets of the city and proclaim before him.” So shall be done to the man whom the king delighth to honor. Then the king told Haman to go and do as he had said to Mordecai the Jew and let nothing fail as thou hast spoken. In the end Mordecai was honored and Haman was hanged.

Now the story- the Lord has the book of Life and other books written, from which men will be judged. Like the book of the chronicles were opened and Mordecai was remembered after many years. Everyone had forgotten what Mordecai did, even the king did not remember. But God does not forget and surely and did not forget Mordecai. If you hold on to the Lord he will not forget you. When you do a good deed God does not forget and repays well. Mordecai saved the king’s life and now God by the king is saving the life of a people- the Jews. God blesses more than our deeds.

When it matters and will benefit a child of God most, God will take action. He never forgets but makes all things work for our good. God watches over every aspect of our lives. He does not forget our past and can always bring it into our future when we have already forgotten. If the king had rewarded Mordecai when he exposed the plot to kill the king, God may not have intervened during Haman’s wicked plan. But God was present at a very crucial moment to deliver Mordecai and the Jews, because God remembered Mordecai for the good he did to save the king. The Lord said,” I will never leave nor forsake thee.”

If you sincerely trust and believe the Lord and commit your ways unto him; he will never forget your deeds, goodness and labors of love. He knows the best time to bless you, remembers your past, makes a king sleepless for your sake, makes your enemies fall at your feet and hangs them if necessary, like Haman. But you must love, trust and stand for the Lord. Remember Mordecai bowed only to God and not man, he was bold in his believe and trust and never doubted the hand of God to come through at the appointed time.

God never forget, always remembers to act on our behalf and bless us and even make kings sleepless for our sakes. God never forgets but always moves mountains for us when it counts. He keeps record of our every deed.

Bro. Charles Adenuga