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What do you understand by idol worship? Are you involved in idol worship? Do you believe there could be a super power God other than these lifeless gods we call idols? Do you believe in our Lord Jesus Christ? Does God approve of idol worship? How would God handle those who engage in idol worship? Are pagans the only idol worshippers? Are you eternally saved with idol worship? God loves you and has made provision for your salvation from idol worship only if you take some few minutes out to meditate on the contents of this tract.

An idol can be described as a graven image or representation of anything that is worshipped as a god. In other words, an idol can be a carved wood, stone or any object, imagination, idea, physical or spiritual possessions, that represents a god or an object of worship.  Anything you give priority before God Almighty, making it your top most priority is an idol. Carved stones, wood, images and other emblems that ironically link us to God are idols and God hates and will punish those that engage themselves in such abominable acts.

Myths over decades have brought the abominable belief that God created the universe and all the things in it and since man could not see God, decided to create images and objects in order to impersonate God which links man to God. So people started bowing down to lifeless objects with the notion of connecting to God indirectly through these “lesser gods”. God is the sole creator of this universe and does not share his glory with any man neither does He partner with objects he created that have been turned into objects of worship by men. God became Lord over all when He created us for his pleasure (Revelations 4:11). It is therefore our obligation to bow directly to Him alone and not to any other god.

God in the days of old emphasized his hate for idol worship when He spoke to Moses and the children of Israel through the commandments (Exodus 20:3-5).  God greatly punishes idol worshippers and extends his wrath to their third and fourth generations. You can imagine paying the debt of the sin of idolatry committed by your grandfathers which you knew nothing about. There is a God in heaven, who oversees and rules in the affairs of men. He is the God of all flesh and creator of those lifeless gods we bow down to. He is the only God that is everywhere at the same time, all powerful and knows everything that goes on in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth, and these idols are just dead objects we carelessly devote our faith and bow down to. Flee idol worship now to be saved from the wrath of God. Confess with your mouth and denounce every god in your life and seek the Light of God. When we confess, He is ever faithful and just to forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

Salvation comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ alone and not in those false gods. God freely saves us from all our troubles and problems. He does not require the blood of animals and other food items, because our Lord Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price, when he shed his precious blood on the cross for our ransom (Revelation 1:5/ Ephesians 1:7). These lifeless gods on the other hand which were made as the handiworks of men, require demonic sacrifices to be able to grant protection and provision. It’s a pity to see men created in the image and likeness of God crying to mountains, trees, stones, the sun, moon, stars and planets for bumper harvest, rain etc.

One may declare “I am a strong Christian and I believe in the things of God; I pray, I go to church, I pay my mandatory offerings and tithes. I do not bow down to any carved stone, wood or imaginations”. Surprisingly, anyone under the heavens including the child of God could be vulnerable whether consciously or unconsciously to idol worship depending on what preference given to things other than God. “Thou shall have no other God before me”!! This was the first commandment God gave to the children of Israel because He acknowledged they could derail and settle for idols. God is a jealous God only when you make Him of less importance. His jealousy automatically fights anything or anyone placed above Him as God and His wrath greatly visits those who fall short in this regard. Return to the place of the true God worship O believer and flee idol worship to avoid the wrath of God.

The Israelites who were Gods own people engaged in idol worship and God freely gave them out to tyrants to be enslaved and tormented for so many years (Psalm 106:19-40). God will hate and reject his own people and allow their enemies to rule and oppress those who will bow down to idols. Be careful not to turn some unknown things into idols: Such as clothes, shoes, sunglasses, cars, and much more. Some people will not attend church services unless they have some of these kinds of items that they unwittingly have made an idol. Sun glass idol is one the youths will insist on having otherwise they would not go to fellowship. It has become an idol and they do not recognize it. An idol is also anything that shifts our attention and worship away from God and unto itself. It is impossible to establish a hope of steadfast love towards God when you have something that takes your attention and obstructs true worship of God. Examine your life and see if you are one of those. Some have even made food their idol, they worship food.

What is your top most priority in life? Do you prioritize your pastor, marriage, problems and tribulations, wife, husband, mobile phones, the internet, superstitious beliefs and barbaric ancient traditions, laptops, scientific knowledge and accomplishments, academic and secular heights, money and wealth and doctrines over God? If you find yourself in this, God is admonishing and warning us to flee idol worship and bow down to Him alone. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is the ultimate God who can and will provide all answers to your unending questions and no other god can stand before him. Give your life wholly to serving Him for no servant can serve two masters. It is either he hates one and love the other or holds on to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and idols simultaneously (Luke 16:13). I therefore present to you Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Accept him now and be saved. Flee idol worship now and turn to Jesus Christ that you may be saved.

Joshua Agbattey