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Denomination or organization is a product of Nicolaitanism and Balaamism, any church setup that practices these two corrupters is a denomination. A denomination is a church setup that has pushed Jesus the Word and Jesus the Holy Spirit outside of it. Now Jesus is standing at the door knocking (Rev 3:20). The bible made us to know that Jesus, the Head of the church hates both Nicolaitanism and Balaamism (Rev 2:6, 14-15). Anywhere and anyone that practices these two corrupters, that has corrupted almost the whole body of Christ, except the very few the Bride of Christ, are displeasing Christ.

Now, Balaamism is when a Christian or a church setup takes creeds and dogmas of the world instead of the Word of God in the bible. That was what Balaam did to the children of Israel in the wilderness (compromise and religious tolerance, mixing falsehood with truth). This same evil doctrine also took place at the Nicene council of 325 A.D, when the true vines and the false vines held a meeting with Emperor Constantine. This meeting brought a lot of falsehood to be mixed with the truth; falsehood of three gods, instead of One True God. Also the error of baptizing in the titles, Father, Son and Holy Ghost (which are common nouns) instead of the name of God (Jesus Christ)a proper noun. Satan the deceiver used this doctrine to replace truth with falsehood. He has his agents and ministers in the church doing this evil. Elect of God be aware, the Bride elect takes only the Word of God.

The Word of God is Life (St John 6:63), anything that is not the Word of God is death, do not add to the Word, do not remove from the Word,(Deut.12:32, Rev 22:18-19). A typical example of removing and adding to the Word is in the water baptism where baptism in the “NAME” is replaced with “TITLES”, Jesus is the NAME, Father, Son and Holy spirit are TITLES of the same person, Jesus the God Almighty. There is nothing like three gods that is from the pit of hell. There is only one God that works in three different offices as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Three different assignments, one personality manifesting Himself in three offices, for three assignments (Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29-30).

The second deadly doctrine is Nicolaitanism which is the doctrine used by the denominational Clergy to conquer the laity. This is the doctrine whereby the clergy takes over the leadership of the church from the owner of the church, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to lead the church, through his servants that can hear the voice of the Spirit, through visions, voice and dreams. Where ministers lead the people without a “THUS SAITH THE LORD” is wrong. They have usurped the position of the Holy Spirit and this must stop because, Jesus hates this doctrine (Rev 2:6). Jesus is the husband of the church and it is the husband that has the right to direct the wife. A man ruling another man’s wife is wrong and a wife being ruled by any other man is also wrong, Bride of Christ, be watchful (Rom 8:14).

I wish to use this medium, to advice the people of God, to stop the practice of these two deadly doctrines introduced into the church by Satan. The church is not the world that is ruled democratically or autocratically. The church belongs to God and it is to be ruled by God. He has given us His Word and His Spirit to lead us in His Word for precise actions. The Word of God is the general will of God for us, but His Spirit guides us unto His precise will, not man. For example, if a believer wants to marry, the Word is clear concerning that, marry a fellow believer. But how do I know the sister or brother to marry? Here the Spirit of God comes in not man. The spirit shows the right sister or brother that suits you. There is a general will of God and the precise will of God in the Word by the Spirit of God. Another example is the work of the Lord, the Word of the Lord commanded us to do His work, but it is the Spirit of the Lord that guides us in the work of the Lord, what to do, where to do it and when to do it.

For the church to overcome this evil doctrine of Nicolaitanism, the church must of necessity have the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in us must remain active with fire always, so that He (The Holy Spirit) can do what He is in us to do (doing the Word of the Lord in us and leading us concerning the work of the Lord). No wonder Jesus asked His disciples to go and tarry in the book of Acts of the Apostles, till they were endued with power from on high. Then they could be witnesses unto Him. Until we do this, Nicolaitanism will continue to reign, which is dangerous, and Jesus hates it, because it leads to sin.

As Balaamism (worldliness) deals with the Word of the Lord, so Nicolaitanism (priestly assumption) deals with the Work of the Lord. May the Lord help us follow the perfect will of God in Jesus name Amen. For we are on earth to do His Word by the Holy Spirit and to do His Work His leading (St John 4:34, 1st John 4:17b, 2nd Cor. 5:18-20, 1st John 2:6). Remain blessed and be ready for the great outpouring and the translation (rapture) in Jesus name, Amen.

Godwin Enemudo

by Godwin Enemudo