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Eve got herself into a conversation with the devil (Genesis 3:1-13) and that changed all that was given to mankind, especially the relationship between man and God. When you study this chapter of the bible, you will immediately see the subtlety of the serpent. The devil immediately twisted the facts and content of the word of God. He applied psychology like some preachers do today. The serpent said to the woman, “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” This was not what God said: the serpent was doing a couple of things as follows:

  1. Trying to find out craftily what God told Adam and Eve his wife.
  2. Intentionally twisting the word of God to create doubt and rebellion in man.
  3. Plotting the down fall of man which starts with disobeying the word of God.

If you allow a conversation with the serpent, he will confuse you to think you can be God. Genesis 3:5 is a clear example of the way the serpent thinks. He wants you to follow him to the lake of fire.

Balaam, a man who heard from God, succumbed to the discussion and snares of the devil by listening to him out of greed. When you do not listen to the Lord you will fall to the snare of the wicked one (Numbers 23:1-27 and 24:1-7). The Lord spoke to Balaam; how Balaam through the influence of Balak got into a conversation with the devil. The outcome of a discussion or reasoning with the devil can be destructive as can be seen in the case of Balaam. Do not allow a conversation with the devil, stay with and obey the word of the Lord. The mind of the Lord is found in his word; that is why every believer should say and use, “It is written” , when dealing with the Devil, Satan or Serpent.

Samson had an exchange with the devil as he communicated with Delilah in Judges 16:4-20. One important lesson from Samson’s story is this: Never share God’s secret with the devil. God’s secret with Samson entailed his unique upbringing, what he should and should not do, and specific instructions pertaining to the source of his strength. When a person begins to probe into your secret with God in the name of love like Delilah claimed, know for sure you are in a conversation with the Devil. Disaster and evil are around the corner.

Judas Iscariot got into a conversation with the devil in Mark 14:10-11 and Matt. 26:47-50. After staying with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the other apostles for almost three and one half years, Judas allowed himself to entertain a conversation with the devil. The conversation led to the betrayal of his master and Lord. What did the devil tell Judas? How did the devil convince Judas? Judas was offered money by the high priest and his group of religious zealots to betray his maker. You see what a conversation with the devil can lead you to. Where do you think Judas ended after getting into a discussion with the devil, despite the fact that he worked and walked with Jesus Christ? Heaven and Lake of fire are the only two options opened for any man.

When was the last time you had a conversation with the devil? I mean you, not someone else, I am referring to YOU. Did you use the words “It is written,” to confront the Serpent? The Serpent will always try to engage you in a conversation, but you can always win if you follow the footprint Our Lord Jesus in how he faced off with the devil; ” it is written,” is the answer.

When you twist, go contrary to the word of God, second guess or doubt the word of God, or speak against biblical prophesies, you are really reasoning and in conversation with the serpent. When you are in exchange with the serpent you can never win because of certain facts that influence the natural state of man and motivates the devil:

  1. The devil has more experience in going contrary to the word of God.
  2. He has been out on a mission to confuse, mislead and cause the downfall of man.
  3. He was cast out of heaven and man is assured of heaven as they accept Jesus Christ as Lord.
  4. Man often forgets that the devil is the father of lies from the beginning.
  5. The underlying factor of his motives is to make man go against God.

There is only one way to win if you allow yourself to get into a conversation with the devil. See exactly how the Lord dealt with the situation when engaged in an exchange with the devil (Matthew 4:1-11). This is the God-given approach to dealing with the devil. To be successful as the Lord, we must act on his Word as follows:

  1. You need to be saved. If you are unsaved the devil could always bully you and win the exchange.
  2. You must know the word of God and how to use it (It is written, Matt. 4:4, 7, and 10).
  3. You must confront the devil from the Spiritual not from the earthly or natural or carnal stance.
  4. You must be confident that you have been with the Lord before creation. Ephesians 1:4-5.
  5. You must know that he that is in you, Jesus: is greater than he that is in the world, the devil.

Conversation with Satan is always a design to argue with the word of God. According to Neal V. Frisby, all argument belong in hell. Who is on the path of going to hell but the devil and those that listen to him? They shall end up in the Lake of Fire.

by Douglas Amobi