Prophetic scrolls 113

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 113

          Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The rise of the false prophet – who is the beast out of the earth? (Rev. 13:11-15) – “First let us establish that there is a difference between the anti-Christ and the false prophet!” (Rev. 19:20) – “But they act together in their diabolical murderous plans! Satan uses them in his attempt to usurp deity!” – Rev. 16:13, also “shows three distinct personalities: Satan, the anti-Christ and the false prophet. … The former is cast into the bottomless pit, and the other two are cast into the lake of fire!” (Rev. 20:1-3) – “Now the second beast had 2 horns like a lamb. Means he started out with religious freedom! – The first beast rose up out of the people (sea) (Rev. 13: 1) and the second beast out of the earth (verse 11). It was a new land where people had to be established. It alludes to the U.S.A.! … The lamb had two horns, but no crowns (religious power)! – These two horns were joined into one beast. This is absolutely union of world state religion! – At first he was a lamb-like imitation of Christ. Finally, apostate Protestants, Catholics joined to Babylon religions! (Rev. 17:1-5) – For it is the false prophet that deceives and causes them to worship the first beast, who controls the revised Roman Empire in world trade!”… “The second beast, the term ‘maketh fire’ come down out of heaven in sight of men. This takes in the supernatural, but it definitely reveals science, laser, atomic, electric, etc. -He will do many marvels through the miracle of science to deceive the people! -It says mixed with lying signs and wonders!” – “The false prophet rises in the land that has leadership in new inventions! – Finally through electronic computer code marks he will force the people to take the mark of the first beast! ” (Rev. 13: 11-18) – (Continued next paragraph).

The leader in sheep’s clothing is near! – “Now the first beast (anti-christ) I believe will finally control the world from the Middle East in his final stage near Jerusalem!” (Dan. 11:45) – “And the second beast, known as the false prophet, could be a leader, rising out of the United States as a Iamb, but then speaks like a dragon!” (Rev. 13:11-13) – “Later in the age watch for a U.S.A. leader who is religious or charismatic and like a lamb, an unusual orator, gifted in the realms of the miraculous to solve problems and finally evolving into bewitching signs! – I foresee later a personality coming like this! (See Scroll #108) – And will change from good to a diabolical personality, deceiving the masses!”

Prophetic dimensions – “I wrote this in just a few minutes to go with the message that I was to bring in the Temple. And we will list part of the message here for your benefit.” – “When men live among the stars as an eagle in nest! (space stations) –And men in chariots are guided in light (radar, electric, etc.) – and run like lightning (speed) and fly as the cloud! –When men dress in red and in scarlet (symbolic of Communism – Romanism) (Nah. 2:3,4) … then the Lord will return!” – “And women (churches) sleep without the trumpet! (Matt. 25:5-10) -When earthquakes increase and the earth heats up (volcanoes and atmosphere above, etc.) – And starvation and famine appear! … Then the Lord Jesus comes!” – “When men create the flame of noise and store up violence (atomic) – and nations are in confusion, and the weather changes to the contrary … It is near His return!” – “When men walk in the sea and hide in the sea. (Amos 9:3) And send fiery arrows of destruction to distant lands… then the Lord appears!” – “When children act like men (drink, crime, rape, etc.) and have no correction – And women rise on high and are rulers as men (political, groups, etc.) then witches shall take charge and sorcery shall lead -it shall stand!” – “Destruction in fire will talk of hell and they shall say, death will be our friend. (Rev. 6:8) -Atomic horrors! (Rev. 18:8-10) …The Lord shall come before!” – “When men go into Babylon rather than come out… then the end be near! – “When men by beams (inventions) combine together for world trade… My coming is nigh!” – “When men say they are women, and women say they are men, and some say we do not know what we are, and also live with and as beast… behold I come quickly!” – “When men and women buy prostitution in rays of light (this evidently means a figure will be beamed into the home in ‘filmed light’) not exactly the solid state, but fantasy state, talking and doing! – Like magic, figures (images) in light performing pleasure! – Coming inventions! …Armageddon is not far away!” – When money becomes ‘worshipped’ then men will become slaves – they are branded and will wear the mark thereof! (Rev. 13:15-18) Perfect insight!” – “Then plagues, curses and holocaust, then smoke filled with pestilences will bring terror!”… “Gamma rays -radiation, chemical warfare – then men hid underground and in caves and high above! But will come up, come out and come down! – At this time the end shall overtake them in their madness! …The Lord shall sit as King over the earth!”… “The prophecy shall be, and all shall see!”… “We might say that you can order the whole message on cassette, called ‘Prophetic Dimensions’.”

The creature – like super computers – “Bible students are watching computers because they represent an integral aspect of the mechanical functions of anti-Christ systems during the Great Tribulation period. They are sharply aware of the stark fact that anti-Christ could never perform the predestined and prophesied tasks without the aids of the computer age. How, for instance, could he control the worldwide purchasing and selling of 41/2 billion plus humans on planet Earth without computer assistance? The job is formidable. Computers reduce the impossible to a relatively easy possibility.” –Business Week Mag.: “Artificial Intelligence – The Second Computer Age Begins!” – “The world stands on the threshold of a second computer age. New technology now moving out of the laboratory is starting to change the computer from a fantastically fast calculating machine to a device that mimics human thought processes –giving machines the capability to reason, make judgments and even learn. Already this ‘artificial intelligence’ is performing tasks that were once thought to require human intelligence: diagnosing lung diseases, locating mineral deposits and deciding where to drill oil wells!” (Dan. 11: 38-39, 43) -“Experts are convinced that it is now only a matter of time before these ‘thinking’ computers open up awesome new applications in offices, factories and homes!” – “It will change civilization in a profound way… it will change the way we work, the way we learn and even the way we think about ourselves!” – “Computers act as intelligent assistants, furnish advice and make expert judgments, associated to Rev. 13:15, in specialized areas.” – “Then there are Fluent Computers. These immediately understand everyday English, and everyone who can write does not need to know how to structure questions or commands in computer syntax. Data arrive by just tapping out memo- like requests!” – “Artificial ‘Senses’ rapidly sort out signals coming from cameras to identify images and sounds instantly! –Computers mimic the human brain! The second computer age enables’… the beast (to) speak (so that) no man might buy or sell … (without the) mark. . . name … number of the beast! ’` (Rev. 13:15-18)

The master computer – Super Knowledge – “Steps are being actively taken to link up new, coded ID Credit Cards, for all U.S. military personnel, with a world-wide computer system. One after another, agencies are switching to a universal credit card system to cut fraudulent use of cards. Cards will be difficult to duplicate illegally, and computers will be able to catch all counterfeits!” – “Christians are fascinated at these developments because they tie people living during the upcoming Tribulation period with anti-Christ associates! Jesus warns us: ‘Watch ye therefore . . . watch and pray, it will come as a snare!’ ” (Luke 21:35-36) – “Eventually in the later 80’s we will have a Master Computer capable of handling 250 million instructions per second!” – (Note update: They are working on a computer now that can control six billion transactions a second – keeping track of the whole world.) What does that mean in relation to anti-Christ?

Five Seconds To Chaos … Let’s project the frightening possibilities …remembering that by 1990 the total population of the United States will only be about 248 million people! 1. It would mean that in One second anti-Christ could identify every person in the United States. 2. It would mean that in One more Second he could identify those who are Christians. 3. It would mean that in the third Second he could identify what street you live on. 4. It would mean that in the fourth Second he could identify how many are in your family. 5. It would mean that in the fifth Second he could program ALL the computers in your local supermarkets, departments stores and banks to indicate that you are forbidden to make any transactions … Forbidden to buy or sell! Commercial Babylon will have complete economic control. The electronic beast rides on to doom (Rev. 6:8) as his followers are burnt with fire! … Our age is now blending into the final age! We are in the twilight time! It is later than most think. Pray!

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