Prophetic scrolls 108

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 108

          Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


Signs ending the age — “In one of our prophecies we listed watch the territory surrounding Euphrates, the old Assyrian-Babylon Empire — which includes Syria! And lately we have seen Syria grow into strong military prominence.” — “According to Isa. 10:5, verses 12, 30-31 ;Dan. 8:9, 22-25, the anti-christ will dominate all the territory that we spoke about . . . and could go there or actually come out of this section to rule the world!” “He will also conquer and rule the Arabian Empire; he will make a covenant with them and Israel! And then he will finally sit in a Jewish Temple claiming himself as god the Messiah!” (Rev. 11:2 — II Thess. 2:4 — Dan. 9:26-27) — “By the spirit of prophecy I foresee that he will use science and technology to further himself as a world dictator! — I also foresee that he will do away with the type of currency that the world has now and implement his own standard of wealth and prosperity through his monetary seal! . . . Evidently this is, or works into, the mark of the beast. For out of great chaos and financial crisis he will restore prosperity for awhile!”

A further look into the prophetic dimension — “When this world leader arrives on the scene, the world will be divided into four groups. . . the Northern and Eastern block of nations, and the Southern and Western block of nations! — He will dominate the Eastern world; he will finally control the Western world, making him a world dictator! — But, at the end of his reign, Russia, China and Africa rebel and come at him like a whirlwind in the battle of Armageddon!” (Dan. 11:40-45) — ‘As we can see, this will involve Israel, Western Europe and the United States in a final catastrophic war! — We can see by the huge military build-up in the Middle East, and the armies surrounding Israel, that this prophecy is soon to take place! — There will, however, be a world peace treaty first, but 7 years later they still have this great battle. Blood will pour! — Man will almost be sinking to the brink of annihilation, but the Lord will intervene before total destruction!”

The anti-christ and the gods of science (computers, etc.) riding the waves of progress — “The anti-christ will exploit the potentials of science to further his own schemes! — He will usher in the Great Tribulation, regimenting the human race (global mark). Babylon the Great will work with this system!” (Rev. 17:5) “She will be drunken with the blood of the saints who were not translated and will wage terrible persecution against the saints of the Tribulation era! . . . Religious and economic freedom will not exist during this time!” — “After the Translation the anti christ will impose ‘his mark’ to try to stamp out those believing in Jesus!” — “Technology will actually hasten the appearance of the anti-christ, who will evidently be seen by TV satellite world-wide! — Also Rev. 11:9 reveals television, through science and technology, this person is almost ready to step into power and carry out his evil purposes! Also he will control the gold, the food, the energy and finally the world’s property through his system! Be alert!”

Coming events — “According to what I have been shown, it is an ultimate fact that a world food shortage and famine is coming! 1 foresee by vision (given in 1968) that over a billion people will die of starvation during the late 80 and 90’s! — Evidently this will involve or lead to the riding of the four horses of the terrifying apocalypse!” (Rev. 6:5-8) — “I also feel that over another billion and a half will die from the cataclysmic weapons of war and plagues!” (Rev. 14:20 — Rev. 9:18)— “One other event that I would like to reveal is, that during the time of the coming of this great famine, somewhere in it (1 do not know the exact time) will rise a great charismatic leader in the United States — evidently a president. This may be around or about 1988-92 election. . . . As I understand it, it means he will be an orator or gifted-like personality! — Could this be the very false prophet?”— “If it is not, it is definitely leading to ‘the one’ who comes in like a lamb and in turn speaks like a dragon, false prophet! it’s near! — This may well be the one that works with the anti-christ producing the image unto the beast!” (Rev. 13:13-1 8) — “The computer is working hand in glove with satellite television to bring these personalities together for world leadership!”

A significant prophecy “Some might imagine why the whole world’s armies would converge on Israel, knowing that the conflict would bring nothing but death! — One of the reasons is deceiving spirits possess them.” (Rev. 16:14) — “But another thing the Lord reveals to me is, they will be taking mind boggling new drugs which make them feel indestructible and fearlessly numb from and unaware of the approaching doom!” — In Ezek. 38, “reveals massive troops will come as a storm!” — Rev. 16:12-16, “reveals China and the Orientals will cross the Euphrates — Evidently hundreds of millions of them, doped and crazed with the intent to kill! The drugs were also given because of hunger pain in the world-wide famine and food shortage in those nations!” — “For more detail, plus an all ‘round scope concerning drugs and pills, we would like to insert, in part, our July 1982 letter . .. .The nations are headed toward an occult explosion! — Rev. 21:8, “reveals sorceries and witchcraft will be at an all time height!” – The Scriptures forbid these things. . . Sooth-saying, Dan. 2:27—Witchcraft, Ex. 22:18; — Wizardry, II Kings 21:6; – Magic, Gen. 41:8; — Necromancy, Isa. 8:19; — Charmer, Isa. 19.3 — Enchantments, Ex. 7:11. These things are vile and corrupt the soul, but in a moment we want to reveal something else that comes even more cunning. — Some are not noticing it because the medical profession tries to control it, but it is the same as voodoo pills!” “The word pharmacy is derived from the Greek word ‘Pharmakeus,’ or sorcery! Rev. 9:21, neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries (Pharmakeus)!” — “The definition of this word signified the use of drugs, spells, poisoning and witchcraft — in sorcery drugs are often used in appealing to occult influences allowing demon powers to possess them, causing them to do weird and strange things!” “Yes, the Pharmakeus sorcerers are among the nations!”— “And by the time the anti-christ comes upon the scenes to give his mark evidently a very large percentage of the people will be drugged or under the spell of the satanic charmer in his various wizardries!” (II Thess. 2:4-12) — “All of this will be mixed with idols, drugs and sex worship concerning certain images of lust!” — “During the Roman Empire whole cities were devoted to worship of the goddess Diana! — Paul confronted this love and sex goddess, Diana. (Acts 19:35) wherein sexual activities were allowed in the Temple as they worshipped the vulgar gods of super sensuality, orgy and debauchery! — And even in some Temples they were allowed to use serpents with their ritualistic orgies!” “Since the nations are to witness a restoration of the Roman Empire (Rev, chap. 13 — Dan. 2:40) evidently we should expect to see idol and goddess worship revived!” (Rev. 9:19-20) — “You see, the people will be full of drugs and wine until they will be in a crazed madness in worshipping ‘the man of sin, ‘the incarnate anti-christ who completely controls the masses whose names are not in the book of life!. . . Probably during the Great Tribulation, the beast will put some strange narcotic in the water that the people drink, to cast a spell and to control them completely!”— “So in their crazed drunken stupor they will care for nothing except the obedience to the anti-christ system!” (Rev. 13:13-18)


Predictions and prophecy marches on — “It is my opinion all of the events in this scroll will take place from the latter 80’s and ending before or by the latter 90’s. There is a good chance that the rising of the anti-christ, The Great Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon could well occur during that time period!” — “Also, mankind in the 80’s will suffer more wars and crises before The Great Tribulation and the final conflict!” So we can see, with what time we have left in the 80’s, let’s do all that we can in the gospel harvest work, as the age is vanishing before our eyes!” Scroll #108©

Scroll #108©