Prophetic scrolls 106

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 106

          Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


A new look at Israel Jubilee – Lev. 25:8 – 14, reveals the law of the jubilee. They were to number 7 x 7 years (49 years) then thou shalt cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound. And ye shall hallow the 50th year proclaiming liberty throughout the land, each man returning to his own possessions. The reoccurring cycle is to celebrate every 49 years since crossing into the Promised Land! — From this we can establish a significant fact concerning Israel’s future! — They are the Gentiles’ time clock and from watching the sign, we know that the Translation is close!” — “The first eight Jubilees came during the 7 oppressions of Israel and yet it is said that not one Jubilee fell during the period of oppression! And also they came during the rest periods!” — “Now skipping ahead to the 21st year Jubilee — the perfect number — occurred during the exact time that Israel returned from the Babylon captivity! — It is said, the 22nd Jubilee marked the restoration of Israel by Nehemiah! — Daniel 9:25 prophesied it!— Now advancing further ahead — the 30th Jubilee is said to mark the announcement of the birth of Christ; evidently taking in His crucifixion and resurrection during this time wherein salvation set men free! Jubilee!”

Now moving ahead in the future concerning our time — “the 70th jubilee, the final, should be occurring during the period from 1948-90’s. — Although it may be a little sooner!” — “Israel became a nation in 1948 and they were free to have their own government. Israel’s returning to its possession sounds like a — Jubilee! Ending later with the feast of the Trumpets, Millennium!” — “There are, however, different opinions, but this one seems to be the most likely! . . . Plus also remember the Translation of the Church occurs 3 1/2 years to 7 years earlier than Israel’s rest in the Millennium! — According to Rev. 12 the Translation occurs in the midst of the 7 years!”

Israel’s history in 40 year cycles — “40 is a number associated with testing and probation. It is said that 40 years is reckoned as a generation. Israel’s history is continually marked in 40 year periods!” (Num.14:33) — “The rest period of Gideon was 40 years! (Judges 8:28) — The judgeship of Eli was 40 years! (I Sam. 4:18) — The reign of Saul was 40 years! (Acts 13:21) — The reign of David was 40 years! (II Sam. 5:4) — The reign of Solomon was 40 years! (II Chron. 9:30) — and etc.” — “We see in all, there are 48 cycles of 40 years in Israel’s Bible history! — History reveals the last one was 40 years between Christ’s death . . . AD. 30 and the destruction of Israel by Rome. . . A.D. 70! (Luke 21:24) — Now from that date forward there are also 48 cycles of 40 years concerning the Gentile Church! — And then the world enters this last fatal generation period, which evidently started around 1948-53, ending in the later 80’s or early 90’s!” — “My opinion is, that within this period, it should give us the season of Translation or close to it, because we are well advanced into this period! — And also because Jesus says of this time, ‘Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled’! (Luke 21:32)

The transition period — “that we just mentioned above, in my opinion, should also take in the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week! — Somewhere through those years mentioned!” — “The Bible warns against giving any exact date, but we gave an opinion and a seasonal time declaring the urgency of which the Bible says we are to do!” — “Also we should bear in mind the words of Jesus in Matt. 24:22, that there is also to be a shortening of time for the elects’ sake, etc. — And remember, as a result of the 6 day war in 1967, the old city fell into Jewish hands again for the first time in 2,000 years! So we see it must be the closing hour for the time of the Gentiles! — In fact, time for the Church can no longer be reckoned for in a generation or in decades, but must be reckoned in the finishing short years of this age right before us! According to the cycles, Jesus’ coming is extremely near. According to the Scrolls the later 80’s will bring forth a time of turmoil and political upheaval of such magnitude that the world will desperately seek for a coming dictator! — And their cries will be fulfilled by the coming of the anti-christ! . . . And according to the signs and the amazing cycles above, it is my opinion, that Israel could begin to feel the influence of this false leader by the later 80’s and then sometime later be manifested to the world. Because the first part of his appearance is somewhat hidden until he reveals himself as the cruel beast and terror of mankind!” (Rev, chap. 13) — Added information — “Israel will accept this evil genius because of his promise of protection! — The anti-christ is evidently a Jew or part Jew, since many believe that the Jews would not accept a Gentile as their Messiah!” — “This false prince will go right into the Temple saying he is the fulfillment of the prophecies, and that the Jews need not continue their wailing and sacrifices!” — “Paul plainly speaks of this wicked personage in II Thess. 2:4, sitting in the Temple of God in the power of Satan, with all signs and lying wonders! In this form he is the desolator of master deception!’ — “The masses are desperately looking for a superman and the dragon is definitely about to give them one! It is near!”

The omen of things to come — “the hostile armies surrounding Israel is a sign!” — “For one, Syria is pointing missiles right at Israel! — Unless a peace treaty appears soon there could be another war. — And even if there is a treaty, there will be some more crises in the Middle East concerning surrounding nations! — The United States is not always on Israel’s side as Israel thinks she should be! — So you see, Israel is looking for a strong man! — And this diabolical personage’s appearance is soon, and he will destroy many by peace and prosperity!” (Dan. 8:25) — The Scriptures say, “when you shall see the armies compassed around Jerusalem, your redemption draweth nigh!” — So the Gentile age is finishing its course! — As Jesus said, “Behold I come quickly!” — “We can see by the swift and rapid developments of world events means only a few years remain to us before the gospel harvest will be ended! — God’s chosen elect should work as never before, because all signs point to the fact that we are well into the last generation! In fact, Jesus is even at the door! (James 5:8, 9) — Also unusual quakes in diverse places and the extreme weather patterns are prophetic omens pointing to the coming of Christ!”

The prophetic weather cycle — According to Luke 21:11, 25 and rev. 6:5-6, “the end of the age would end with erratic weather patterns and severe winters! — Some scientists believe that Russia has mastered the ability to manipulate the weather — inflicting crises, death and financial losses in other nations as the United States! . . . It is said, they are using electrical charge particles in the upper atmosphere, creating changes in the jet stream! They claim this causes winter winds to blow across the United States from the Arctic instead of the Pacific! — Some believe that it could eventually cause devastating effects on the U.S.A., the ‘bread basket’ of the world, swiftly creating a world food shortage and famine conditions predicted in Rev. 6:5-8!” — the black horse cometh. For the Bible says, there shall be signs in the heaven pointing to this!” (Luke 21:25) — “But regardless of what Russia is doing now, the Lord is allowing it to occur, for it is a sign for men to repent everywhere!” — “Also Ezek. chap. 38 may also speak of using the weather as a weapon! — For it says the Russian Bear shall ascend as a cloud and as a storm from the north part! In other words, creating a weather condition below them for their advancement! However, it is evidently a dual prophecy — also meaning that they would come as a storm with troops and weapons!. It is informative that prophecy told us of all of these conditions well ahead of time, so that we can prepare for our departure!”

The prophetic earthquake cycles — “Great quakes are occurring all over the world with stepped up intensity. — This is also an omen of things to come! — It is as if God Himself is preaching through nature for men to repent for His return is near!” — “I would like to review events concerning (May, 1983 letter) wherein we revealed an ancient forecaster had said, after a series of volcanic eruptions (in the northwest), there would be a great quake. — And in the month of May of 1983 California suffered its most disastrous quake since the volcanic eruption! . . . In Coalinga, California, 300 homes were destroyed and 2000 damaged! — And in another part of his prophecies seen over 400 years in advance, another great quake is to take place in 1988. — The interpreters say when a formation of lights are in the heavens in a certain place that this will occur! (Luke 21:25) — But we don’t always know if the interpreters are perfectly on target of what he meant! — So to be fair about it, we should describe the prophecy as meaning a great quake will take place in the new city (probably Los Angeles or San Francisco). Around 1988 or somewhere in the latter 80’s, will come a most terrible convulsion and shaking of the west coast, with tremendous loss of life and property!” He said fire from the center of the earth, so this could also mean the volcanic eruptions could finally be the cause of these coming great quakes! — The California plates along the San Andreas fault are sliding each day, readying for a gigantic explosion, creating a force and magnitude of destruction never seen before in that area!” — “Our literature program is also witnessing to the people in California. Let us watch and pray for we are in the last harvest work!”

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