Prophecy declares a calculation device

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PROPHECY DECLARES A CALCULATION DEVICE Prophecy declares a calculation device

Translation Nuggets 39

(Rev.13:16-18) Computers with artificial intelligence (light etc.) will control all commerce and banking. A computer code mark is given. According to a magazine, here is the latest in strange computers. It reads, “bio-chips are made from antibodies that are prevalent in the human body that fight disease germs. These antibodies have only a short life span, but through an induced fusion between them and cancer cells, the result is a wildly reproducing cancer cell which results in a unique inheritance: and they say an immortal hybrid cell, or hybridoma, that ever manufactures antibodies, one after another, each identical. The new generation of computer will in effect be a living entity. It will reproduce itself and program itself and theoretically, one super computer could indeed control the total activities of human being on earth.

In other words the new computers will be made of living cancer cells impregnated by a virus. They will be able to reproduce themselves and program themselves. For practical purposes they will be alive. Silicon chips will be phased out, and bio-chemical chips will take their place.” Also part of the anti-Christ understanding of dark sentences will come from the use of a super computer.   Scroll #122, paragraph 4.

Prophetic insight.

The anti-Christ will use two particular things to draw people into his trap and give them the mark. One will be the seal of economics (money) and the other control of food and energy. He will be a super deceiver, an imitator of Christ. He will bring about the federation of churches and denominations. But finally denying the Lord Jesus Christ.

Signs of the generation.

Therefore we know that the gentiles have practically fulfilled their course, if not totally, run their time. And the gentile bride is in a translation period waiting for an outpouring and translation. The sign of the Jewish temple is nearing fulfillment; Rev.11:1-2 clearly indicates this. Jesus came in God’s name and they rejected him, (John 5:43). He said, another will come in his own name, and that they would receive this evil star. This king of doom is rising now and will appear in the immediate future. And the world will be off guard concerning his real intentions.                                                                  Scroll #110, paragraph 1&3.


{Comments, CD # 2108 Heart-The Spiritual power}

{We are at the top or cap of the seven church ages, the Capstone people, and we are headed home, the translation. You have the physical heart that pumps blood and we have the Spiritual heart, the personality of man. All revivals start from the heart because it comes from the heart of God. But man comes and starts organizing it and it becomes head religion and then loses the Spiritual heart and it becomes lukewarm and apostasy sets in. Jesus, the Head Stone, He is the express heart of God. He does what is in the heart of God. When dealing with the Spiritual heart, that is faith in the Word. Divine love, compassion and healing comes from the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord loves to see people who are confident that He is with them in a powerful way, no matter what Satan, people or human nature says. Believe from the Spiritual heart; praise, give and talk with the Spiritual heart. In this last revival of the latter rain we being to move out of what was moving to head and physical religion to the Spiritual heart and suddenly scooped up in the translation.

In Matt. 25:1-10, there was a lull and the people went back into head religion because you cannot tell them anything. You can tell somebody, something if they can listen from the Spiritual heart, saith God. The real word of God will come to the Spiritual heart by faith. Before they can lose their faith and get into that head religion and listen to confidence of organizations instead of God; here comes that revival, and that latter rain brings up that crop to a head and it won’t be long and the harvest is complete. Moses and Elijah will teach the 144,000 Jews and whosoever will listen about the word of God, Jesus Christ, because they know about him and why he came to the earth as man. They discussed about his death, (Luke 9:30-31) on the cross on mount Transfiguration. They knew who Jesus Christ is. They knew he came to die for all men as the gift of God; a sacrifice for sin as to open the do for full redemption. The Spiritual heart by faith will understand the word and workings of God. No matter what giant confronts you, the Spiritual heart and faith in the pure Word of God will take care of that situation.}