Christ and the cross is the center of attraction in heaven

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Faith and encouragementChrist and the cross is the center of attraction in heaven

Translation Nuggets 58

When Jesus appears in Paradise, all other activity and occupation ceases, and the hosts of heaven gather in adoration and worship. At such times the newly arrived infants that have come to consciousness are assembled to behold the Savior and to adore the One who has redeemed them. Marietta describing it said: “The entire city appeared as one garden of flowers; one grove of umbrage; one gallery of sculptured imagery; one undulating sea of fountains; one unbroken extent of sumptuous architecture all set in a surrounding landscape of corresponding beauty, and overarched by a sky adorned with hues of immortal light.” In contrast to earth, there is an absence of rivalry in heaven. The inhabitants dwell there in peace and perfect love. Don’t miss next script! Astounding, incredible insight! Is it true… do the Scriptures confirm it? – We enter a whole new realm of vision! – Many secrets revealed of the night region, etc. If you are truly interested in Heaven, be sure and read it. SCROLL: #116.

The law of evil attraction: – “i experience the law of evil attraction. I am the slave of deceptive and discordant elements and their presiding vice. Every object in turn attracts me. The thought of mental freedom dies with the dying will, while the idea that I am a part and an element of the revolving fantasy takes possession of my spirit. By the strength of evil I am bound, and in it I exist.

The angel then explained the law which determines where a soul goes at death: that God does not willingly send men to Hades, but at death their spirit is attracted to the region of those with who they are in harmony. The pure naturally ascend to the realms of the righteous while the wicked in obedience to the law of sin gravitate to the region where evil prevails. “Those unsettled in religious truth thou hast represented when attracted to Paradise, thence to regions where Chaos and Night rule chief monarchs; and thence to scenes of wretchedness where characters have been formed by wrong indulged, and where at last the elements of evil operate uncontrolled. By their indulgence in sin they embitter their mortal existence, and too often enter the world of spirits preponderant to evil, and thence become united to those existing where like elements prevail. SCROLL: #117

Comments: be ready, cd #1622.

{Jesus does not die each time a person is saved. He died once and paid for it all. You receive what you have already been given at the cross. All you do is to accept it. If you have Jesus then you have Jesus’ faith. Bring in the sheaves, how many of you are bringing in the sheaves (evangelism – soul winning). You will have to give an account of the opportunity given to you; when the man on a long journey returns.

Israel is a sign, watch what is happening around her and get ready for the quick short work. Now is the hour of faith. Get ready because things are going to happen. You better prepare your heart; this is the hour of preparation. When the real word of God comes many will turn away as when Jesus said, “Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood.” Many world crises are coming and this is the time to be in the arms of Jesus Christ the Lord. Besides, anything can happen anytime even on the street one could be killed. Study Isaiah 2:19 and Psalm 34:21. If you love righteousness you will be safe. You can talk about the Lord and his coming, but the very important thing is to be sure you have Jesus, because anything can happen to you any moment. Be always ready.

The gospel has gone all over the world if you have your eyes open; through technology, and electronics has carried it far and near. Now is the time to build your faith that is within you. Be ye ready. Praise the Lord, worship him in divine love, be confident, positive and stand your ground with the Lord; even when the devil takes a shot at you, stand your ground. The quick and sudden change is on the way. Enoch was translated that he should not see death. But the two prophets are on their way to Israel, the 144 thousand Jews are getting ready to be sealed. As the age closes be careful, it will all be mixed up with medicine, science and the anti-Christ programs, and you will not be able to do anything for the Lord. So now that you can do something, Be ready, God will call on you, to testify, witness and do a quick short work.

But most of all this morning, the Lord told me saying, “tell them, get ready.” How many of you will be ready? He will shake the world again, and those that are ready will be with him, as the world goes into great tribulation. Some doctors and other medical workers testify of people who died clinically but came back. They told of their encounters with beautiful lights and messages like, go back it is not yet your time; go tell them Jesus is coming soon. To some they were told fear not, I am coming soon. Some of these people came back to life because people were praying somewhere for them. John 11:25, Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the Life.”God is wonderful, he is here, he is eternity, only time limit is put on us but soon the time limit will be over for us, the elect and we shall be in eternity.

Immorality is taking over this world but do not get entangled with it. For six thousand year, prophecies have been fulfilling and we are at the end of the age. We are privileged to see and partake of what even kings and prophets desired, but it was not given to them: So more will be required of the generation. To whom much is given much is expected.

Do not allow the world delusion to get you as to cause you to go to sleep; for that is when the change will come. It is time to get ready stay awake, for God is ready to take us out. Those that hear this tell the people that the midnight hour is on, the thunders are rolling. The former and the latter rain are crossing over together; and out of that God is going to bring out his own: He is separating already. General Douglas MacArthur said, Old generals never die, they only fade away. Old Christians never die, they only fade away to meet the Lord. Moses never died he only faded away, (seen on mount Transfiguration). God has work for each one of us to do, (Matt.25:14-15, Mk. 13:34). Remember, in an hour you think not is upon us.}

Further comments

Do not depend only on Predestination or Election; because that is settled and is God’s part of dealing with the believers. But the believers have their own part to play that is our works after salvation. These works have a book from which also judgment and rewards are made. God had to prepare to take the children of Israel out of Egypt, by preparing pharaoh with hardness of heart; to cause the children of Israel to cry out to God in bondage. God prepared Moses and Aaron to confront Pharaoh. God used signs and wonders and even killing the first born of man and beast to get both the Egyptians and Israelites to fall in positions. God gave the commandment of the Passover for the Israelites to play their part, for their own safety and preservation from the angel of death; and preparation to get out of Egypt. They ate the Passover meal standing, for they were in a haste to get out and God made it so. God played his part to save them and they played their part to get out. At this end of time God desires to translate all believers but Matt. 25: 1-10 makes us know some were left behind; because of their quality of work that resulted in not carrying oil with their lamp. Those left were not fully prepared. And the door was shut on them when the Lord arrived suddenly. So it will happen soon as the parable already foretold.

In the sermon book, preparation by bro frisby, he wrote that some people said, well how do i prepare? Some of that is to be alert, testifying and to have the oil of the Spirit, and read the word of God. He said on page 8, “Wisdom is one of the things, you will know if you have got a little wisdom or not. And I believe that each one of the Elect should have some wisdom and some of them more wisdom and some of them probably the gift of wisdom. But let me tell you something, wisdom is awake, wisdom is ready, wisdom is alert, wisdom prepares and wisdom foresees. He foresees backwards, saith the Lord, and he foresees forward. Wisdom is knowledge also. That is true. So wisdom is watching for the return of Christ, to receive the crown. So when people have wisdom, they are watching. But to prepare in this hour, means to be alert. (Knowing how to be alert that is wisdom).

058 – Christ and the cross is the center of attraction in heaven