A dimensional look

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A dimensional look A dimensional look

Translation Nuggets 52

What would have happened to Adam and Eve if they had not sinned? Would they have been translated? Evidently they would not have lived forever in their type bodies for the Lord had created it just for a certain period upon the earth. If they had remained obedient they probably would have been allowed to partake of the Tree of Life (Christ) in the midst of the Garden then changed and translated to heaven. Because fifty something year after the death of Adam, Enoch was translated, (Heb 11:5). Thereby revealing what would have happened if that had been God’s original plan. But as the scriptures say, the Lord foresaw the creation and the fall of man. Therefore if we repent and accept Jesus, our bodies will be changed and translated. And the others who had gone on before will be changed and resurrected. So we see the end was in the beginning. Enoch also witnessed the coming of the Lord Jesus, (Jude 1:14-15). He saw the Lord coming with his fiery chariots, like a whirlwind bringing judgment. He saw his rebuking flames of eternal fire. What a celestial sight and yet the saints will be involved in this return to earth, (Isaiah 66:15): As He displays his royal majesty at Armageddon. The prophets did not tell us the exact time, but according to the signs we will be entering this period in the not too distant future. Scroll 162

The revelation of the resurrection

There are two main major resurrections and the Scriptures also revealing unto us what happens in between these two inevitable events. God’s word is infallible concerning these important circles where the dead will rise again. Rev. 20: 5-6, reveals there is a resurrection of the righteous and a resurrection of the wicked. The two resurrections are separated by a period of a thousand years. First there was the resurrection of Jesus, and became the first fruits of them that slept, (1st Cor. 15:20). Next, the first fruits of the Old Testament saints. The Scriptures depict this as taking place at Christ’s resurrection. And the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, (Matt.27:51-52).

The end of our age resurrection

As the Lord revealed the resurrection of the saints of the Old Testament, then too, in our age there is a first fruits rapture and resurrection of the New Testament saints. This is practically upon us now, (Rev. 12:5; Matt.25:10 and Rev. 14:1). This latter group is a definite inner circle of the wise and bride; for they are definitely not Hebrews found in Rev. 7:4. Nevertheless, they are the special group within the first fruits saints. Are these they who made the “midnight cry” unto the wise to awake, (Matt. 25:1-10). 1st Thess. 4:13-17, reveals that we are caught up with those who rise from the grave into another dimension to meet the Lord in the air. It says the dead in Christ shall rise first. For a few days will they be able to witness to some of the very elect yet alive like they did in the time of Christ’s resurrection, (Matt. 27:51-52). —– It says they will rise first and they will only appear with those who are going to be translated. We cannot be definite how, but we do know that it will take place. But it definitely sounds like Paul says that we got together before the elect was taken up. The world will not see the translation or these events. Also evidently after the translation people may try to search for those who have disappeared, but they cannot find them. For Heb.11:5 declare that Enoch was not found; meaning there was a search on. Also the sons of the prophets searched for Elijah after he was caught up in a chariot of fire, (2n 2d Kings 2:11, 17). SCROLL 137

Comments {miracles are daily, cd #1323: at the end of the age the real church of the lord will be running to church and will be on fire for the lord. Some people may like to put the coming of the Lord off, thinking they have time and are goofing off. But He can come any time. In an hour you think not the Lord cometh. Some will be sleeping. Those that were asleep heard the word and knew it, like the Evangelicals, who did not go up. Those that stayed awake listened to messages like this to keep them awake. Each time a prayer of faith is made God is there. People allow themselves to be cheated out saying they are waiting for revival. No we are in a revival; today is the day of salvation, revival and miracles. Yes He has not opened the flood gates yet. We are in a revival but some cannot see it. They do not know that they are in a revival. Some do not want a revival, but we are in a revival constantly reading the Bible, the Scrolls and using the prayer cloth. Do not worry about what I do; worry about what you do.

One of the most wonderful times I have is when I am alone with the Lord. It is restful and strengthening. Daily waiting on the Lord rests the body and the mind as you meditate on the Lord. Give the Lord an opportunity with you. In the name of Jesus Christ is power and the secrets: You must know who He is and what that Name means. When you pray in that name, trust it all to Him. I am the Lord thy God that giveth thee a new heart. We are in a revival now God is moving. Be strong and confident in God’s word. The Lord thy God goeth with thee and shall not fail thee.

Sometimes the devil will come to discourage you with your mistakes or negatives; but no matter what you think or feel, He says I will never leave thee nor forsake thee: As long as you believe Him in your heart. Even if nobody comes to help or encourage you, Jesus Christ is there. I am the Saviour and taketh care of all your needs.}

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