Soon it will be too late

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Soon it will be too lateSoon it will be too late

The chickens and the eaglets growing together is the order of the day now. It is both shame and confusion for such to continue in the circle of professing Christians. The chicken and the eaglets may be feeding on the same food, but the outcome is two-fold, the physical and the spiritual. They both eat the same ration; which is supposed to be the word of God. They both mature and have two outcomes; one is as a chicken matured without spiritual growth and awareness. But the other is fully developed and matured with awareness of its divine nature.

Believers who represent the combination of the chicken and the eaglets in the same feeding environment called earth are ensnared by this deceptive and unholy association. The chicken has a different inner awareness, compared to the eaglet. The chicken occasionally flies a very short distance when threatened or afraid. It often thinks it has powerful wings and can see. It thinks it has speed but it is often very limited. But the eaglet behaves like the chicken in the instance of feeding on the same stuff. The eaglets have a potential that the chicken knows nothing about. This potential is as the seed of God in a true believer. The true believers like the eaglets can see far beyond the chickens.These true believers can fly so high when they become aware of the need to do so. There is no fear in the eaglets; just like the scriptures said, “fear not” to the believer, (Isaiah 41:10-13). What would cause the chicken to be frightened, run or fly will not even distract the eaglets from eating let alone run or fly away. In the wrong environment the eaglets find themselve fed wrong doctrines and teachings with the chickens: but not for long.

Today, there are so many chickens and eaglets roaming the earth together, thinking they were of the same family, belief and hope. They may be fed the same word of God or food wrongly mixed but the outcomes differ. The main issue is that the food has to complement the kind of seed (DNA) in each chicken or eaglet. There is no way of separating them but one; the voice of the anointed Word of God. You wonder why at the coming of the Lord, when He gives the shout, with the voice of the archangel, the dead in Christ will rise and we who are alive and remain will be caught up with them and we shall be changed. We are called the first fruits unto God; yet He makes way for the tribulation saints that are as trapped eaglets in the chicken environment.

The only reason the dead or those sleeping in the Lord will rise is because of the seed of God and faith in them. The potential was in them both dead and alive, the true eaglets of God. All that the eaglets among the chickens need is the voice. Many believers are feeding with the chickens and behaving like them, but a stirring or revival is coming; the storm is gathering and the eaglets will at the voice, have a realization. They will suddenly realize that they are no chickens but eaglets coming to maturity,(Matt.25:1-10).. The same is coming to all faithful believers. They will realize that they are not chickens but eaglets that have come to maturity. They will know the voice and understand the word of truth or the scripture of truth, (Dan.10:21). They will have no fear even in death, because the revelation of truth will suddenly be clearer to them.

The suddenly matured eaglets will no longer long for the chicken feed, they will identify and not accept false teachings and doctrines anymore. The marriage of deceit will come to an end: as the believers separate themselves from other beliefs, and compromises that are presently a plague in the Christian circles. A husband claims to be a true believer and his wife is a Buddist, or believes in Islam or any other religion. The separating hour between the chickens and the eaglets is already on. Soon you will be surprised who is left behind and who at the voice of the Lord soars through the sky; the chickens or the eaglets. Which one are you? Sure you must know. The hour of revelation is here. Do not be deceived, the eaglets will not only fly, but they will soar up into the clouds of glory as the chickens run through and into the great tribulation.

Many big sized chickens will soon discover that they were in fact not eaglets. They were a little bigger than some of the eaglets; ate more, made more noise, beat their wings occasionally but they were mere chickens and not eaglets. So many Christians and preachers need to be careful, and be sure of the seed that is in them because the hour of manifestation and separation is here. Many will be surprised about who is a chicken and who is an eaglet. By their fruit ye shall know them. Not all Jews are Jews, and not all birds are eaglets. Revelation, vision and faith by the Word will show what seed is in you. You are either a chicken or an eaglet. The kind of food that appeals to you will tell you or show any observant person, if you are a chicken or an eaglet. Trapped eaglets in the chicken pen are forced to feed off what the chickens are given: watching them feed will show one that the eagle feeds reluctantly and its beak and claw are for eating strong meat and not chicken feed.

Remember the prodigal son resorted to eating the swine feed of corn husks. But nobody would offer him, not to talk of the real corn, because of famine and his poverty. But when he came to himself, he responded to the inner revelation. The mother eagle cried out and the prodigal son’s heart responded. Then he said, “How many hired servants of my father’s have bread (not husks or false doctrines and teachings) enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger” (Luke 15:11-24). The prodigal son was like an eaglet dining with the chicken. But help came to his spiritual understanding.The seed of God in him responded to the word of God in his spirit: and he manifested it by coming to his senses, willing to repent and return to the father. The true like the eaglets will hear the true word of God and come alive. They will look up and beat their wings down and rise into glory. The chickens cannot do that. The de-winged eaglets, like blind Samson (Judges 16:20-30) will have their wings grow back during the great tribulation when many die as they realize they are eaglets and not chickens. The type of word of God you eat would determine the outcome of the type of seed in you. The seed of God or the seed of the serpent will be made manifest, by the true word of God when it enters you. Deep calleth unto deep, (Psalm 42:7). Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice, (the blood of Jesus Christ our sacrifice), (Psalm 50:5).

153 – Soon it will be too late