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Believe it or not the world has entered a deadly new age of plagues and the problem is worsened by the failures of present antiviral, antibiotics and several known medications. You ask what is the solution and the way out? As the world advances to levels of degradation in human life and actions, the new plagues in the world are frightening. About thirty years ago the medical community thought it had eradicated certain diseases. But today these scourges are back with a vengeance. The antibiotics like penicillin worked for sometime but the diseases have developed stronger strains more powerful than the medications usually used to treat them. The world has not seen the end of new epidemics, because the organisms are more potent and dangerous. It seems that the beautiful era of medical conquests are about over.

According to Leviticus 26:21, “And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.” In the recent past, the world weathered through the winds of Ebola disease. Many died and there was a high level of both fear and uncertainty in the world. With air travel the transmission of the disease was easy. Some of the problems involved that of early detection and the mode of the disease initially. Today the world is faced with another virus of unknown quantity called the Corona virus.

These plagues are coming one after the other and the world is both helpless and defenseless. The Chinese are working on a vaccine that will be ready in two years. If there is no quick temporary medication, how many may be dead and how far will it spread? Some people do not even know they are infected until they drop. It is scary to say the least.

Many developed countries in the world have secret laboratories where they have stored very dangerous organisms like small pox, cholera, Ebola, anthrax, corona virus. These deadly agents can be weaponized. You may ask yourself why do they keep such dangerous agents in very expensive laboratories, managed by expensively paid experts of death and these weapons of destruction are stored in secret locations. Some of these diseases are supposed to have been eradicated but so called world leaders in science and technology and military power are keeping them. They are keeping them for war. Matthew 24:21 states that, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” These weapons will be tested from time to time, may be, by releasing some to make sure they are still active.

The issue of the present experience of the people in China should make everyone to wake up to reality. We do not know the full details and we do not really need to go into the science of it. The question here is about the human elements. Did you take time to look at the pictures and news stories of those in China? Remember there are faithful Christians in those places. Six important factors come into play, wisdom, fear, faith, hope, hate and love.

In the corona virus situation in China, whole cites around Wuhan were virtually quarantined. The situation is such that those who are infected are locked out by family members to prevent the whole family being infected. There is wisdom to this. A man or woman is locked out to save the rest of the family. The one locked out may die or not. What would you do if you were in that situation? The person locked out may have decided to stay out to save his or her family; this is both wisdom and love.

Some of the infected people may choose to infect others since they do not want to die alone for what they did not cause. It is hateful and devilish wisdom of the world. Yet some decide to submit themselves to medical help hoping by faith to get help. This is good wisdom. But generally there is fear of the unknown. Men and women at work calling family members to say they were infected and may not come home to save the family and prevent spreading possible death. You know your family member or friend is alive but you cannot go to them or they come to you because death is in the air. You may love them but wisdom may not allow you to open to them. What about love of family. In these dangerous situations only God is our help. You may find yourself denying access to the one you love, because of the unknown virus that the devil has turned to a weapon of death. Or a family may decide to take in the family member by love and if they know the Lord, they fall into the merciful arms of the Lord Jesus Christ for safety. If they do not know the Lord it could be suicide or they may take a chance; which is also against medical advice with this Corona virus situation.

What will you do under this kind of plague? What about your family? How will the six factors play out in your life if you find yourself in such situation? Fear, hate, wisdom, hope, faith and love are the six factors. Bill Gates has warned that corona virus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths. Only God can control all these plagues whether natural or intentional.

People of Chinese descent are witnessing some serious discrimination in other countries including the USA. What happens when it gets to other countries? Remember Ebola outbreak and the discriminations. Man on earth has problems which are manmade in most cases. The devil is only out to create division, to steal and kill lives. Don’t let the devil achieve that goal of hatred. Some may be brethren in Christ Jesus.

Let the nations return and walk in the ways of the Lord and seize from sins; else these are the thing coming in the future: Read Jeremiah 19:8, Revelation 9:20, Revelation 11:6, Revelation 18:4, Revelation 22:18 and Matthew 24:21 which states, “And then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Remember that those dangerous and death organisms may be unleashed during or before the great tribulation. Do not allow yourself to be here for the great tribulation by failing to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, and missing the Translation. Jesus Christ is the only way of escape. Accept him, confess your sins and ask God to wash you with the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross of Calvary. Repent today it may be late tomorrow. Study Psalms 91 which only believers in Jesus Christ through repentance and conversion are entitled to claim. Can you lock your child out if they have the Corona virus to save your life or those of the other members of your family? If you are able to do that is it faith, hope, hate, love, wisdom or fear? The Bible said, men’s heart will be failing, for fear of what is coming upon the world each and every day. Watch and pray always; and remember our redemption draweth near. Who knows the next plague.