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Some people are going through times of grief and sorrow in the world today. You cannot deny this even if you hide your head in the sand and harden your heart as the ostrich, (Job 39:13-18). But God has his eyes open and watching from on high and He is also omnipresent. Just look at the streets, the T.V., the internet and much more, to see what people are going through; some are in their houses in silence. Imagine what the hope of each person on earth today is supposed to be, even in the face of hunger and the sudden pandemic. A person without Christ Jesus as his hope and strength; I do not know where their peace and anchor lies.

I saw a young man, under 25years old by my estimate, yesterday in a motorized wheelchair. He was only able to move his left leg a little freely and the left finger very mildly. He could not function with his right limbs (leg and hand) and uses his left leg to play the keyboard. He was not discouraged as he worshiped the Lord in his wheelchair. The song was titled, “Thank you Lord for your blessing on me.” Parts of the lyrics are as follows:


As the world looks upon me

As I struggle alone, they say I have nothing

But they are so wrong, in my heart I am rejoicing

And I wish they could see

Thank you Lord for your blessing on me

While the world looks upon me, as I struggle alone

They say I have nothing, but they are so wrong

In my heart I am rejoicing and wish they could see

Thank you Lord for your blessing on me

I don’t have much wealth or money, but I have you Lord

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me; (more lyrics).


This situation came up when I was wondering about what is going on in the world. What people who are unnoticed and have no help or hope are going through in a world of wickedness and uncertainty. Some children today have not eaten, so is the case with some pregnant helpless women and widows. Some have lost their source of livelihood and it could get worse. Famine is just by the corner and draught has been creeping in. These are circumstances that could lead to murmuring against God, for everything that comes their way, that was unfavorable, (Exodus 16:1-2).

Let us consider the plight of others before our own in the situation facing the world now. Let us seek for our help from the word of God, comfort and pray for others based on the scriptures. The scripture encourages us to even pray for and love our enemies, not to talk evil or unwisely of those in need and may not know the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, (Matt.5:44).

Some people have no sight, cannot see the light, cannot appreciate color and cannot make any choice by sight. If there is no school for the blind what is their future like? Blindfold yourself and see how blindness may look like. We must show compassion and if possible share the message of salvation with them and may be you may led them to the Lord Jesus Christ, and recover the sight of the blind too. Let us give God a chance to use us; it requires much compassion on our part to exercise faith in the word of God. How does the blind handle the pandemic, yet many of them keep calm? They cannot go out to struggle in the public for shared food or necessities and yet many of us without any limitations or disabilities murmur most. God is watching. The brother that sang the song above said after the song, “I may look like this now, but I know when I get to heaven, I won’t be like this.” Lead any one with disability to our Lord Jesus Christ, for their salvation and even if they are not healed here when we get to heaven their condition will not be so. Remember Lazarus and the rich man, (Luke 16:19-31).

There is a brother preacher born with serious disabilities and deformities, you may say; no hand and feet and actually sits on his bottom partly when moving. You would think he would murmur as some of us if we were in that situation from childhood. He accepted his situation and trusted God for his salvation. Study, (Rom. 9:21; Jer.18:4). He was not healed but God gave him the grace to holdfast. He needs help, for nearly everything by human judgment. Surprisingly, he does a lot of thing for himself, with one of his not properly developed feet sticking out around the thigh position. Yet he goes from country to country preaching about Jesus Christ. What excuse will you give before God standing side by side with this brother? He said it will be all alright when we gets home, and that he has no complain and happy the way God made him, (Isaiah 29:16, and 64:8). He is married to a faithful sister who understands what the will and leading of God is like and they have four beautiful boys and girls. What do you think are his ambitions? Good house, fast car, good fashion or what? The book of Hebrews eleven type, for this age is been written; will you be there and what have you overcome? God is not just looking for church goers but for overcomers. Are you part of this new book of Hebrews and are you an over comer?

In John 9:1-7, Jesus Christ met a man that was born blind and the disciples asked Him saying, “Master who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?” And Jesus answered, “Neither hath this man sinned or his parent: but that the works of God may be made manifest in him.” Not everyone you see with some limitation is as a result of sin. It may be that it is for the Lord to be manifested. This manifestation may take place now or before the translation; because God will restore all his own, before the translation, even if it is few minutes before the departure. A restoration anointing will come. Murmur not. Do not compare yourself with anyone. Every child of God is unique and He knows each one. Do not attempt to be what you are not. Keep the voice or look God gave you. Do not try to alter your voice in praise or prayer, be yourself, He knows your voice and cry. Remember Genesis 27:21-23 for your good.

Bear one another’s burden. We have forgotten to pray for many people who are going through different problems. We are going through very serious times, mass unemployment, restricted funds, health issues, hunger, hopelessness, helplessness, housing issues, Corona virus worries, some children have no families. Look at the widow who cries to God daily for help, orphans and the disabled. God is watching. We have a responsibility, remember in LUKE 14:21-23, “——-, Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt and the blind; —-Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” You and I have this call to duty. How are we doing, God’s duty or personal concerns and priorities? The choice is yours.

This is part of our duty to invite people into what we are part of already, if you are saved. It is our job to give hope to people no matter their circumstance. Hope is found at the Cross of Calvary through salvation. It is the primary thing to do. Give them the gospel and whatever is needed, the word of God will direct and guide. There is hope, tell those who are not saved that it is not late; they should repent by confessing to Jesus Christ that they are sinners and need His forgiveness and washing by His Blood, (1st John 1:9). Then look for a small bible believing church to attend. The next thing is water baptism by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ (not Father, Son and Holy Ghost which are tiles and manifestations of God not names: no apostle or minister of the gospel in the bible ever baptized in tiles, it is a Roman Catholic design). Next you need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Read the bible from John.

There was a brother born with speech impediment and some gait problems; but a preacher of the gospel. Once I heard him say people were laughing when he was preaching because of his speech issues. Some said he was not normal in shape. He said, “He told them that they were not normal in their thinking. That he was as normal as God made him and that he had no problem with that and that God had a reason for making him as beautiful as He planned because He had His purpose, (paraphrased).” He is married to a beautiful sister with children and still preaching.

Who knows how many souls these brothers have reached and touched and were saved? Can you match yourself with such people despite all the good things of life you have without limitations or disabilities? When we see Him we shall be like He is, (1st John 3:2). God is faithful just and righteous in all He does with each individual.  Whatever you are going through today and in this world is temporary and not eternal. Seek those things which are above and be involved in the work of witnessing to whosever will (Rev. 22:17). Salvation is free and the Lord wants us to reach the unchurched, hopeless, helpless, written off by man, halt, blind and much more; remember Mark 16:15-18.