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Visit the TV, You-tube and internet to see the number of preachers spreading and sowing the false gospel, prophecies, snares and traps. I do not intend to mention names and ministries, for it is late in the day. There are also some good ones who are holding to the true word of God; but the journey is getting rougher and dangerous.

Recently I was listening to a preacher on TV, who was talking about the 7 trumpets of the Book of Revelation.  He was tracing the trumpets and their fulfillment by numbers. He said they started fulfilling in the 1940’s starting from the 2nd world war. He even confirmed that wormwood mentioned in Revelation 8:10-11 was the event at Chernobyl in Russia and that was the third trumpet. Also he identified the 2003 Iraqi war as the fourth trumpet. The fifth trumpet was the time hundreds of plane flights bombed the Iraqi oil fields and he described Revelation 9:7 as pilots whose head appeared visible from the cock pit of jet fighter planes. He said we are expecting the sixth trumpet and later the seventh trumpet.

He may be right but the problem is that the time measures do not add up. Three issues come to mind:

These events as this preacher described it spans for a period of over 70 years to fulfill. But the Bible said it will happen within 7 years and more so within the three and one half year of the great tribulation.

Most of these things are not localized judgment as the preacher said but universal as the Bible stated. Not localized to places like Japan, Russia or the Middle East. Most will be global in nature.

The Rapture/Translation will occur before the last half of the seven year of Tribulation. The Bride of Christ will not be here to go through God’s judgment, like the trumpets. Believe Jesus Christ, He said I will and take you to myself, that where I am there ye may be also.

Some musicians are now mocking Christ Jesus our Lord. Most of these musicians are sold out to the devil and are now singing and worshiping him on the way to the Lake of Fire. It hurts when you realize that many of these musicians now singing for the dragon, Satan and heralding many to hell; were once from the church choirs, Christian parents and homes. Many started as Pentecostal gospel singers, some time ago, sang in praise of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Today they anchor for the serpent. Popularity, money, fame is taking them captive and they are dragging many along including family members who are benefiting from the serpent, dragon given wealth and fame. What does it cost you to deny Jesus Christ and what do you gain from Satan. Count the cost now before it is too late.

Immorality is everywhere and idol worship is on the rise. Who are these idols or role models for our youths today? Yes no matter how old you are, ask yourself who is your role model? The people are beginning to create new gods out of human beings. Yes it is subtle, like the devil in the Garden of Eden.

Majority of the preachers have conquered the laity already.  Look at the churches today worldwide; when you talk about some of the richest men in the world you see a list of preachers and religious organizations.  sCan you imagine Tycoon, billionaire apostle Paul, Multimillionaire apostle Peter and other early followers of Christ with a fleet of cars, planes etc?  This picture contradicts Hebrews 11 types of rich men and women.

Let me be direct to the true believer, apostasy is heavily in the world today and many are already in the apostasy trap. The unbeliever is capable of getting out of this trap by repentance and conversion. There is need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. For the one time believer who after tasting and enjoying the goodness of the Lord turns his or her back on the Lord, this leads to apostasy. Things to do and know include:

Time for self deceit is past; it is time to wake up to the signs of the end or sink into apostasy.

You need to rise up clean your dusty Bible and study it, do not commit your salvation to any man’s hand, whether pastor, prophet, pope, rabbi or any other person. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, Philippians 2:12.

This is the time to fast, pray, repent and praise the Lord.

When you see and hear some of these strange preaching on Television and you-tube, you know for sure the coming of the Lord is near. Some of them say the coming of the Lord cannot be in the next 3-8years. But they also believe it will be in their life time. But they forget that the Lord himself said, “He would come like a thief in the night, in an hour ye think not.”

This is the time to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before and among men.

Depart from all appearances of evil.

You must constantly remind yourself that he that is in friendship with world is in enmity with God.

Anything can happen any time, do not put your confidence in man but in God. Put God first.

There are sincere, few and true pure word preachers out there in the world, search for them. How will you know them, if you do not study the word of God yourself. It helps you to know whether what you hear is true or false, or if it is a snare. Study your Bible with prayer and meditate day and night.

You must not fear anything or anyone but God. This fear is actually love for the Lord.

Like it or not the judgment of God is coming, pay day is coming; God cannot change his standard for any person, people or nation.

Apostasy is consuming the world. This condition is found among those who once knew the Lord or were around the true gospel but turned their back to the truth.

Let me be blunt, if you are not settled on if the trinity doctrine is right or wrong, you are in for a surprise. It does not matter what your churches or big preachers have taught you; there is only one God manifesting himself in three forms. God was Jesus Christ in the human form. It is your eternal destiny that is at stake, because trinity doctrine is part of the apostasy snare. As a true child of God it is your responsibility to go to God in prayer and ask Him about the correct answer to the issue of trinity. God does not have grandchildren, you have free access to God by Christ Jesus to ask Him any question, and you will get a true answer. Ask Him about the trinity and the Godhead, if you are sincere about it in your heart, He will give you the absolute answer. God is no respecter of persons, remember. Also remember that in eternity (hell or heaven) you cannot change your destiny.

Nobody has been to hell and come back to give an account of what it looked like. Some may be privileged of God to see part of it but were never in the fire or experienced thirst and much more. It is not a place to desire to go into; once there you have no exit out.

What is coming upon this world is unimaginable, God means business; do not think He speaks empty words. He defined hell and He promised heaven; the choice is ours. This is time for regular family Bible study because delusion and apostasy are in the land. You must run from apostasy as fast as possible.

Remember electronics and computers are now parts and parcels of our lives with the manipulations involved. The main goal of these technologies in the hands of the anti-Christ system is control, and it is with us now. Do not give over the control of your life over to technology/computers.

Famine and hunger are coming, but these preachers are prophesying good times and great crop harvests. How can one forget the 4 elements of air, water, fire and earth? These elements cause, floods, droughts, fire outbreaks, earthquakes and volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes , typhoons, cyclones and the likes. These disastrous situations are increasing by the day. Things are not going to get any better, just prepare to get out of the earth, period. Jesus Christ is arriving soon–Translation.

Never has a generation died from eating like today, obesity, and different types of diseases. There is no way of knowing the qualities of the food items we consume these days. Pollution and contamination is on the rise; and the streets are swarmed with all kinds of drugs.

If these large church organizations do not change their ways, repent and turn to God; you can easily see the vision of the broad way that leads to destruction. Apostasy is the surest, shortest and quickest way to the broad way.

You need to get your life and family lined up with the word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ; if you do not have a good King James Bible, you better look for one because they will soon be gone and replaced with versions that do not glorify God, because of alterations and intentional changes and misrepresentations.

When last did you witness about Jesus Christ, pray for the sick, cast out demons, help the destitute, or orphaned and widowed.

There are two witnesses or preachers you must never forget to checkout, Bro. William M. Branham and Neal V. Frisby. Study their prophecies and see the hour and signs confronting the world.

Make sure you and your household are saved, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit. Everyone will need it at this end of time. You need to start praying in the Holy Ghost now.

Give to the gospel work, for very shortly, currencies will be no use, banks will control what you spend and even how you spend. Differentiate between the true and the apostate when you spend your money.

Keep Psalms 23 and 91 always before you, because it is worth meditating on day and night.

Remember the Lord’s Prayer always and pick out 10 most personal promises of God that you lean on and share these scriptures daily with someone. Praise the Lord always without ceasing in your prayers to God, 1st Thessalonians 5:16. Thanks be to the name given in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth by which anyone can be saved; and at the mention of, brings all things to their knees, the name is Jesus Christ, Amen.