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The coming of the Lord is near from all indications. Bro. James in chapter five of his book wrote about it. Prophecy is fulfilling as you see the rich amassing as much wealth as they can. They do this by all means. The last days started from the days of the Apostles, but today is the real last days and prophesies confirm it. If James considered the rich men of his days as heaping up wealth, what will he call it for what we see happening to-day.

In many countries stock market brokers, relators, bankers, and much more were fraudulent through different schemes; scamming the masses of their money. Some even refused to pay their workers, their wages. Some in government even were collecting the wages of ghost workers, all in the quest to get wealth. Even some preachers of the gospel of Christ, have been milking their congregations and are all living in pleasure on this temporary earth and been wanton and have nourished their hearts, as in the day of slaughter.

Some have taken each other to court in the name of getting wealth. But remember inflation is gradually consuming the heaped up wealth. The money, silver and gold, heaped up is now getting cankered and the rust of them, including inflation and depression shall be a witness against such people. Behold, the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, CRIETH, and has entered into the ears of the Lord. These poor that have been defrauded are not able to resist or fight back, but God is watching.

The Lord hath long patience until the precious fruit (the ELECTIVE BRIDE) receive the early and the latter rain. This is very important, because the Lord will not come until the elect receive the early and the latter rain. If you are in the precious fruit group you must receive the early and the latter rain.

The early rain is a teaching rain that brings you to the foundational teachings of the gospel, sin, repentance, conversion, salvation, baptism of water and the Holy Ghost and fire, fasting, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, giving and witnessing. These prepare you, like preparing the good soil and planting the good seed. Many preachers were involved in the early rain, notably, Bro. W.M. Branham.

The later rain is mainly harvesting the planted seeds. But as they were growing, there were a lot of tares and the Lord said to allow them grow alongside the good seeds until harvest time. An angelic ministry (Bro. Neal . V. Frisby and the message of the seven thunders) and angels are involved in this latter rain harvest time. This involves, the Lord revealing several secrets, separating the good seeds (wheat) from the tares; and focusing the bride for our departure home. The quick, short work is under way, watch.

The precious fruits receive the early and the latter rain, both the teaching and the harvest rain; as to attain full maturity for the coming of the Lord. The early and latter rain combined in you, matures you and makes you fruitful and ready. But be patient brethren for this early and latter rain to work in you. If you do not receive them you cannot be harvested, because you are not ripe and mature for harvest.

Right now be patient, stablish your hearts AND GRUDGE NOT ONE AGAINST ANOTHER for the coming of the Lord is near. Be, bold as the Lion, the spirit given to use, be harmless as the dove, and soar and see as the eagle. BE CAREFUL, THAT IN STRUGGLING TO BE RICH, THE PROPHECY OF JAMES 5:1-10 DOES NOT FULFILL AGAINST YOU. AMEN.

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