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The Lord is mighty, God thundereth marvelously with his voice, great things doeth He, which we cannot comprehend (unless by revelation). And He causeth it to come whether for correction or for mercy. His works are wonderful and He is perfect in His knowledge, Amen. If you want something from God, stand on your rights and rebuke the devil who disagrees with you and the Lord will stand solidly with you. The Lord knows that satan has tried to discourage many of you but Jesus is definitely standing on your side, don’t forget this. And His stream of power goeth before you. No matter what, the bride of Christ is coming forth and nothing can stop it.

This is the hour to be sober and alert, for it is the most precious hour in history, and let not the evil one steal thy crown. As the Lord is beginning His final work it seems that satan is also leading many astray for he knows his hour is short. There is a heinous sin in this nation where man is worshipping man and even in the field of religion also, and it is an abomination to the living God.

One night the Lord revealed to me a prophetic scene and I saw in another place people gathered around an altar and above it was written Balaam, (Rev.2:14-15). And then to the side above was a messenger who was weeping because of the scene. Then a white lion with a golden mane appeared very dramatic with lightning like fire on his paws and struck the altar and tore it all to pieces. And many people among those that were gathered turned into goats and scattered in every direction, and a few remained and began quickly to repent. The lion represented Christ in judgment (Rev.1:13-15). Also Christ is the lion of the tribe of Judah, (Rev. 5:5). In this generation the Lord Jesus is going to set in order the house of God and will gather His first fruits. We can make this statement: Those who have worshipped man or man’s systems will not be involved in the Bride harvest. So stay firmly in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Read, (1st Thess. 5:2-8).

The voice of his words is like the voice of a multitude, (Dan.10:1-8). This denotes it would be like many people talking at one time in complete unison as if it were really one voice talking. This was the Almighty uttering to the prophet. It could be prophetic and also denotes each of the real elect of God is a personality of His spirit speaking with His words and witnessing for Him, because each of us speaks a little bit differently with His Holy Spirit; working through us bringing His words forth. However this particular (part) is only an opinion. It reveals the fullness of all things in mysteries was within Him. Also remember the Seven Thunders uttered their voices; this was deity talking and revealing. And he is beginning to bring this to His people today, (Rev. 10:3-4). During my meetings, I will positively be speaking more on the coming of the Lord.

The Adonai King, which means God, as our sovereign master or possessor: This is absolutely coming into focus; the King’s anointing is to appear next. The old order “revival” is passing away and a new order is taking place. There is God’s promised move to unite His elect saints in the new order of His mellow rain. The heavenly drama is about to start, the ripening of the first fruits, (Rev.3:12, 21). The Headstone was for all those who believed, but remember it was given to a certain nation bringing forth fruits (U.S.A.). Matt.21:42-43, Jesus said, “The stones which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner. Therefore I say unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a ‘nation’ bringing forth the fruits thereof.” And it has been placed right before our eyes and sad will be the day for those who reject and turn it down.

Here is wisdom the head of every man is Christ, 1st Corinth.11:3. This truth is recorded in Eph.1:22, Christ is the head of all things; this mystery is stated again in Col.1:18. He is the living head of the spiritual body, we are members of the body of Jesus, but it is He, Himself, who is the head. The guiding and leading part of the body is the head. The members of the body are only instruments for carrying out the will of the head. And Christ Jesus (the head ruler) desires to guide members of His body unto the acting of His will. Our life forms into a pattern for His fulfillment and His wonderful plans. This is perhaps a great secret revealing possibly why there is so much sickness in the church. The members have not depended on Jesus being their head to lead them, but tried to do it their way instead, never trusting Him completely through in all things, and by not waiting for His directions; but instead allow fear and problems and self to rule. The Headstone here connected to the Temple is guiding the revelative body, the elect.

Ask whatsoever you will and it shall be done. Believe the headship in Christ, we should definitely seek spiritual healing of the entire body. Healing of the body elect is God’s next mighty move. Pray one for another that ye may be healed,                 (James 5:16). When we pray earnestly one for another the body will unite. As Jesus prayer revealed that we may all be one body, (John17:22). And it will be answered.

The Lord can and does appear in many attributes and dimensions. He was in a rainbow to Noah and Ezekiel. The Holy Spirit can blend to produce many majestic and royal colors. (Rev. 4:3), He is sovereign and all power; Jesus will be coming in clouds of glory. Not a person will question His works or these pictures and visions on paper when the ancient of days sits, (Dan.7:9). Jesus told me the photographs of His glory, principalities, and shekinah was the evidence to this generation, the very real evidence of the Holy Spirit. Also He went before the children of Israel with a pillar of cloud, (Exod. 40:36-38).

NB- Please, get the BOOK OT LETTER TO THE SAINTS and read through, “THE END.”