001 – Introduction

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Welcome to Health 101

Health 101 is designed as a source for getting some known and common sense information about staying healthy to interested people. This will range from the advantages and proper hand washing to foods and what to do or look for in some common health situations. The question today is to protect your family and yourself from health dangers. In these days of internet, it is important to get informed about your health, foods you eat, drugs you take and diseases that afflict you and your loved ones. Here some attempt will be made to point you to steps you can take to prevent such health conditions or diseases. We are looking at the fact that people just eat whatever that is available and easy to buy but do not check the outcomes. Over the years people have abused their bodies by consuming whatever they can afford.

The issue is simple, people should spend time to understand their body, know their blood type, the common fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts in their immediate environment. Also the season of the year when they are most available and how they can be stored for out of season periods of shortage. Furthermore it is advantageous to know their various minerals, vitamins and trace elements contents for each of these plant products. These nutrients play very important role in preventing and treating disease conditions.

The best way to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs will be visited, by generally they are better consumed raw and fresh and come nuts better when dry. Cooking tends to destroy the nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

You are welcome to this site and will learn more as we present further topics. We are dealing with natural ways to help our health and do not write medical prescriptions. You need to believe in God and that with God nothing shall be impossible. We believe in the biblical promises of God as concerning the whole man and his health also. You need to have a daily contact with God daily through Jesus Christ to be able to harvest spiritual blessings of God found only in and through Jesus Christ.



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