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You get out of church what your heart and soul put into it. That’s right—deep calls unto deep. Don’t come to church angry. That is against the word of God. You want to come to church with the love of God in your heart.

God’s heavenly kindness: it’s not just earthly kindness. It is not just the kindness of humanity. But it is God’s heavenly kindness. It blows over us like a sweet wind. But people are so busy finding faults and criticizing one another, and with the cares of this life that it just blows right on past them. His kindness is blowing on this earth or it would have already been blown off into pieces and God could have gotten rid of people for the way they blaspheme the Lord. Also, people say, “Why does the Lord allow this? Can’t the Lord see what people say and do to me? Why is the Lord against me? I need help now, O Lord, I can’t wait till tomorrow?” Well, they don’t have faith. The bible says if God be for you, who can be against you? By complaining, you create negatives in the mind. When you create dissent in the mind, it stops your faith. Jesus said, “Where is your faith?” You must look only to the word of God and be positive. Then you have the victory. Amen.

Many Christians are always saying, “I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know what to do about this or that.” Most people go through the same kind of family problems and the same kind of things. But the Lord gives it in His word; if you remain true to His word and remain true to what He has said, those things will vanish. Those things will have to go out of the way. Sometimes, people cause their own problems. Just get a hold of the Lord and straighten it out. The kind of forces around you will create a negative mind. They will stop your faith and slow it down. Instead of talking so much; listen to the still small voice, the voice of Jesus. The still small voice is louder than you think. Well, you say, “All the clamoring in the world, all the radio, television and the telephone ringing, all that is going on and everybody talking this and that, how can they hear the still small voice?” When you get alone with the Lord, He is louder than what you think.

God’s heavenly kindness: this wind of kindness is not like human kindness. Some people even think that God is against them in any move that they make. They think, “May be the Lord is mad at me.” If you look at God out of His divine love and out of the word, you will find out that He is the only help that you are going to get. Be absorbed in God’s goodness. Be absorbed in God’s greatness. If you get absorbed in His power and in His greatness, you will get back on track like Job did. God guided him back. He ceased from questioning God’s providence. Many people are prone to questioning God’s goodness. They question His kindness and they question His wisdom. They say, “Why does God permit this to happen? Why doesn’t God heal him? Why doesn’t the Lord heal that one nor do this or that?” Pretty soon, those “whys” become question marks? You have got to totally accept the Lord fully in your heart. When you do, the Lord will move. First of all, you just have to say, “If it is the Lord’s will.” Jesus said healing is the children’s bread. All His benefits and promises work against any negative thing that you can put in your heart. Believe Him.

Job really didn’t question God’s power, but he kind of questioned His wisdom one time. God turned around and He got him on His track. God is wiser than all things. The human nature, your human nature doesn’t have to have the devil to work against God, but when you get the human nature coupled with the devil to work against God, you will go against every promise in the bible and you won’t even know it. And when you ask God to do something, why should He do it for you when you have worked everything you can against the word of God? The promises of God are true. Everything in the bible is true. Quit twisting it up. Believe the Lord in your heart and he will give you exactly what you need. Brother Frisby read Psalm 103: 8 & 17. Today, does anybody have mercy from everlasting to everlasting? Do any of the churches across the land have that mercy? No, saith the Lord. From seconds to minutes, that’s about it. I believe that. “…upon them that fear him” (v. 17). That means those that really believe in Him.

Brother Frisby read Micah 7: 18. Even the people who are backslidden and those that are in sin, because of His mercy, the Lord God does not want those people to go to the wrong place (hell), so He “pardoneth” them. Pardon means like you’ve never done it. He pardoneth them when they cry out to Him; the slate is clean. Who has mercy like that? Some of the things that people do in the world today, human nature would never pardon them. The Almighty God pardoneth in His kindness. The sweet wind of His kindness is blowing all over the earth. It is blowing over His church. It is blowing over the elect. How many have time to realize and search out that still small voice—like Elijah—and find out that God’s kindness is everywhere? It is the devil that gives the other feeling of against; it is the devil that puts the negative feeling there that God is against you, that everybody is against you and the world is against you. Ignore that. Jesus has defeated the world. Jesus has defeated satan. Jesus said, “I have defeated them all. I have all power in heaven and earth, and this power I have given unto you. Now, if He has given you that power, why are you not using it? Cast all your burden upon Him, He said, for He cares for you. He said, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; I am thy God…” (Isaiah 41: 10). No matter what the world does, if you fear the Lord and you ask Him to pardon you, the Lord your God will uphold you, you will not be afraid, but you will trust in the hand of the Lord. If you do this properly, God is there to meet you.

The Jews did not believe nor accept the word of God. Today, when the word of God is going on, the Gentiles do exactly what the Jews did—the spirit that caused the crucifixion in those days is against divine healing and the power of God. Those demon powers are still alive today and they are operating in the Gentiles. They are operating in the Gentile churches across the land, too. Those Jews did not believe and would not believe. They used every excuse even the bible to back themselves up and Jesus said they did not even know the bible. They erred because they did not interpret it right. He said when you see the lowring of the sky, you know it is going to rain, but you hypocrites can’t see the sign of the Messiah and it is standing right around you. The sign of the Lord is very hard to see unless you’ve got a lot of God in you and you do what He said in this sermon. And so, they would not believe and we know what He did eventually; He blinded them and turned to the Gentiles. He said to them, “I don’t even have a place to lay my head. The animals have a place to lay their heads down, but the Son of man has no place to lay His head down (Matthew 8: 20).

He meant to rest in the people, to have a place where He was comfortable and where He was accepted—a place to get away from all the rejection and all the negative things. Even the disciples, at times, were off-base and negative. He had to tell one of them, “Get thee behind me, satan.” All around Him, the Son of man had no place to lay His head. But at the end of the age, He will find a place to lay His head like John laid his head on His bosom. John found a place and Jesus will find a place in the Gentile bride. He will lay His head down there like this mountain back here in the rock. He will lay His head down. He will find a place that will supremely believe in His word, supremely exalt Him and honor the prophets, word for word. When the Lord called me, He spoke to me and some of the words he said included the following: “Your job” (what he called me to do) and He said, “Honor the prophets.” That’s what He said and I do it. “Put Moses in his right place and not any place else. Put Elijah in his rightful place. Put Paul, the apostle, where he was. Give all of them honor” as the Lord said, give honor to whom honor is due. That means I believe every word that they spoke and I should tell the people to believe it. Then He said, “Exalt the Lord your God!” That came with forceful words after he said honor the prophets. “Exalt the Lord your God for I am the Lord Jesus.” Exalt Him over everything on this earth and every god on the earth. I will exalt Him. He has not let me down. He’s been with me.

It has been a marvelous success what the Lord has done in my life since He called me. I have come (into the ministry) like one off of the street not like those who had been in religion. I did not come like those who had been in religion or in religious schools. I came like one off of the street. I got a bible, rented an auditorium and began to do what He told me to do. There is a force that goes against the anointing. The devil tries to go against it but so far he has cracked. That anointing is like fire and it will finally burn that devil off. It will burn off that negative. It will create positive in those that want to be positive and the negative ones have to bail out—it gets too hot. That is God. I will exalt him and He will bless you and He will bless me in exaltation. All the men that God called have worked hard and they have fasted. They have been slaughtered and beaten. They have gone through terrible things. They were cast in the fire, in the lion’s den and threatened with death day and night. So, they have a place in God’s Hall of Fame. But none is like the God of the prophets. Exalt Him. That’s what we should do. In His kindness, He has given you salvation by faith. For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should go boasting that he has made a way into heaven by himself. Oh no, it comes by faith and the Lord has made the way. It is a gift, not by works. People do penances and all kind of things trying to receive salvation. He has already done the work. Brother Frisby read Romans 5: 1 and Galatians 5: 6. It is all tied to faith in His word. It is impossible to please the Lord without faith. You must have that faith in your heart. How great and how powerful He is!

“Then said they unto him, what shall we do, that we might work the works of God” (John 6: 28)? “Jesus answered and said unto them, this is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent” (v. 29). If you can’t do anything else, believe. There is the work of God. A lot of people are doing a lot of works, but they don’t have any faith. But He said, believe, that is the work of God. So, the Lord said I have no place to lay my head down; but believe me, when He spews out the lukewarm and the bunch that that is all twisted up and has left the word of God out practically, He has got a people. The others will be spewed out but not His people, the elect of God. At the end of the age, He is going to find where to lay down His head and it is going to be with those that are going to be translated. He is going to find it. He is going to find a place to lay his head down. They will go in the translation. Thereafter, the flame of the great tribulation and Armageddon will break out upon the world. This is the time to get in the Lord. There are so many things He said He will do for you: give His angels charge over you and when your father, mother or relative forsakes you, He said He will take you up. It is a good sign when you are being forsaken by everybody that the Lord has taken you up. Believe it. That is exactly right.

People say, “O Lord, why am I not healed? I need help now, Lord. I don’t need help tomorrow.” They don’t have any faith working for them. Don’t question God. Accept the Lord. As you begin to listen to that still small voice that I talked about a while ago, it speaks louder than what you think. I have seen God move in my life. He has many blessings for the persecuted. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all” (Psalm 34: 19). When you begin to do things by yourself, when you begin to get involved in trying to save yourself—trying to do everything without the Lord—you are in total failure, you are on sinking sand and you are not on the rock of the word of God. You are not on the Rock of Ages. What is wrong with the church at the end of the age? What is wrong with the church that once started off with the Lord? They are on the sand. But the one that is on that Rock, he has a hard place like Jacob to lay his head down—that’s Jacob, the prince with God.

As God has revealed to me right from the beginning, the Pentecostal church took a turn in the 1980s or before. They took a turn and another turn. The last turn that they took, they were so much like the world that I wondered how they ever got into Pentecost in the first place. There is a real Pentecost. It is a real, real kind of full gospel of the word of God. But then at the end, there is going to be a split and it is coming. I have a message—the ones that I saw, they acted so much and did just like the world, and they were so much like the world that I never thought that they had been in a Pentecostal church in their life and they were in the Pentecostal church. God is looking for where to lay His head down. I am telling you now we are in the age of illusion and delusion. You tell people this and they say, “Every once a while, I talk in tongues. Well, I believe.” Oh yes, you turn around and they are winebibbers. All the promises of God to the persecuted, all the promises to those that feel alone, all the promises that God has given are the sweet wind of kindness blowing over the true church of God and over the land. As a result of the cares of this life, people fail to recognize the sweet presence of the Lord. He is like the wind. He is right there if you want him. It’s like your breath.

Brother Frisby read Jeremiah 29: vs. 11-13. “I know the thoughts that I think toward you…” the Lord said (v. 11). Why tell me what I think? Don’t try to tell me in your prayers. I have no thoughts of evil. I have thoughts of peace to give you an expected end that I have promised. At the end of the age, God’s people and God’s jewels, the real Israelites, will have that expected end of peace and kindness. That’s what he has waited for all the time. I know the thoughts that I think toward you. It’s not like what you think. The entire church is the same way. Why blame the Lord for what the devil is doing, saith the Lord? That’s why He put him here; everything that is negative, satan is there with that human nature. And then when you pray, He said, “I will hearken unto you” (v. 12). “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart” (v. 13). When you come to church with all your heart–whatever your heart and soul have put into the church–you will find me, saith the Lord. From the beginning, I am Alpha and Omega in this message. Today, position your mind. Remember, there is a constant battle going on. The negative forces of this world, the forces that cause doubt and create the problems that you have, are out to get you. Position yourself in a positive stance. Know what is causing your problems. Know that satan causes the problems. Know that satan causes sickness. Know that satan causes your confusion. Know that God’s thoughts are peace and kindness toward you. “I am a kind God.” But we know that won’t take away from the judgment that is to fall upon the world–which God did not intend to fall upon the world—but when people don’t listen, that has to come. He has a set of rules. He has a law and when they break it, He will not go around the word that He has spoken.

God’s heavenly kindness: no one in this world has that kind of love. No one in this world can have that heavenly kindness that God is blowing sweetly over the land. My peace I give unto you by faith, by faith and by faith, Jesus said. The word of God, when it is spoken, produces that faith. If you do not use your faith, it will turn back on you. But as the word of God is preached and that faith boils in your heart, begin to use it. If you don’t use it, it may go in the other direction. Act upon your faith. Believe God with all your heart and everything that is within you and you will be a success. Position your mind now in the promises of God. Position it in His divine love. He is a miraculous God, God of exploits. All things are possible by faith in Him. How great God is! Let’s just praise Him this morning. Those that get this cassette get your hearts, minds and your souls positioned in the promises of God. He loves you; I don’t care how satan tries to pull you one way or the other. If you repent in your heart for anything that is out of order, God’s love and His wind of kindness will blow over you. God’s strength and power will come into you. God’s blessing is upon this cassette to bless, to heal, to save, to lift you up and make you stronger. Let the anointing give you confidence that when you pray, God will answer you so that you feel that you are part of God’s power and that you are dwelling within the Lord.

Over the world right now, beside the sweet wind of the Lord, there is the sour wind of the devil. I realize people are going to have problems, they are going to feel sour and they are going to feel down, but God said a merry heart doeth good. You have to get out of the sour heart. In bible days, when somebody died, they used to have professional mourners. The mourners would sing sour songs, they would cry and wail. One time Jesus said, “Get them out of here” and He healed the little child (Jairus’s daughter).They are professional mourners. I don’t need any of that around here. They can go to the funeral home. That is the matter over the land with all the churches. . See; they are professional wailers. They are professional mourners and they are sour. They can get a job there in the cemetery. They are good at it. I wouldn’t take away from the fact that you are going to go through your tests and trials. When you do, get out of that. A merry heart doeth good. Get where the Lord is. Let the Lord help you. That’s what we need today.

I think a message like this builds up the heart. When God gives it, you can’t help but to be helped—when a message comes forth that God thinks that you need, not what I think you need. Sometimes, you think you need something else; but He knows exactly the need of the hour and the need of the time. Even people that are not here, the tape will go to different states and overseas. At the right time, it would be right for them. It is not always just preached to everybody in the church, but it is for everybody. It is also preached to those who cannot make it here.


God’s Heavenly Kindness
Neal Frisby’s Sermon  CD #1281
10/08/89 AM