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Exalting Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1163 | 06/24/1987 PM

Amen. He is really good to us, isn’t He? Let’s pray tonight and whatever you need, He’s got it for you. If you try to find who can help you and you don’t seem to find any help anywhere, He can solve every problem, if you know how to use your faith and hold on to Him; you can win. Lord, we love you tonight. It is so great and so kind of you Lord to give us another day to worship and to thank you for all that you have done for us. We praise you from the bottom of our hearts. Now, touch thy people, Lord. Let thy presence be with them as they go and guide them. Take all the anxieties of this world out. Let them feel the power of God. Lord, go before them. You know what they need. You know all about it. We believe in our hearts that you have heard us tonight and that you are going to move. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus.

Exalting Jesus: You listen real close. You will get something in the audience. Oh, how wonderful! His name shall be called Wonderful. Did you know that Jesus never grows old? Never, ever will. He is always new. Everything that they say is new in this world; it won’t be after a while. Anything that is made out of material things is going to fade. Sometimes, it may take 6,000 years for it to completely fade, but it is going to fade. Jesus doesn’t rust at all. He is always new and always will be new because it is a spiritual substance. Amen? Now, if Jesus is getting old to you, that is not true; He doesn’t get old. Maybe, you are getting old. Maybe, you have forgotten about the Lord Jesus. Every day, I wake up; He is just as new as the day before. He is always the same and if you keep that in your heart, He is just like somebody new all the time. He cannot get old. Keep that in your heart with faith. He may have grown old to the organizations. Some of them are tired of waiting for Him to come or to do something. He may have grown old to the lukewarm Christians. He’ll grow old to those that are not looking for His coming. He will grow old to those that are not seeking Him, not praising Him, not witnessing, not testifying and so forth. He’ll grow old to them. But to those that are looking for Him and those that give their hearts in faith and prayer to believe and love Him, He never grows old. We’ve got a partner there; we’ve got a Master there that will never fade, and that is thus saith the Lord. Oh my, I have not even gotten to my message yet.

Exalting Jesus: Now you know, in some of the services, we have prophecy, sometimes, maybe two or three times in a roll. Then we have healing services and miracles, and so forth. Then we turn and have services concerning the Old Testament and revelatory messages. Sometimes, we have services of guidance for the people to help them in their problems. Many times, the Holy Spirit will move and we will have a time [service] for the coming of the Lord Jesus. It should be often too and we have that—that the Lord is going to return soon and that the end of the age is closing out. It must be there [be preached] all the time that we are expecting His coming. So, we have many different types of services. And then in every service we kind of exalt Him a little bit before service and we worship a little bit. But then every once in a while, we must have a special–I mean a special service in exalting the Lord Jesus Christ in exaltation of His power. You’d be surprised what He would do for you. We will have this service tonight. Watch the power of God move as never before in your heart. Now, you must realize how great He is or He is not going to move for you anywhere.

Some people in the world see certain men and they see certain leaders that they think are greater than the Lord Jesus. What can they receive from Him? They have nothing to begin with, saith the Lord. That’s exactly right. You must realize how great He is. You must boast of Him in your heart. If you will have to boast about anything, boast about the Lord Jesus in your heart. When you begin to boast about Him in your heart, demons and troubles will depart out of the way because they don’t want to hear you boast in the Lord Jesus. Satan doesn’t want to hear it either. You do like the angels do; holy, holy, holy to the Lord God. Only He is great and powerful. Take a hint from the angels why they have eternal life; because when He made them, they said, holy, holy, holy. We are to look back and say, praise the Lord too—and in many ways that the angels exalt Him—and we will have eternal life as the angels do. However, we must do like them; we must praise the Lord. We must thank Him. And they fall down and worship Him, and call Him the great Creator. Praise gives a confident joyful spirit.

Now, the Spirit says, “Worship the Lord.” What is worship? That is, we adore Him. We worship Him in truth and we worship Him in our hearts. We really mean it. Worship is part of our prayer. Prayer is not just to ask for things; that goes with it, but we [must] worship Him. “O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth” (Psalm 96: 9). You should worship no other god for the Lord is a jealous God. Don’t ever raise up another type of god, another type of system or another type of tradition, but stay with the word of God and worship the Lord Jesus, and Him only. We are not to exalt Mary or anything like that. She was no more than anybody in the bible. Our minds and hearts should be on the Lord Jesus. We worship Him because when He calls out His people, He is jealous of that people; not like we do, over little old things. His is as powerful and deep as His love. It is a spiritual type [of jealousy] that He has for each of you out there. He doesn’t like to see satan drag you out, throw you out, cause you to have doubt and unbelief, and cause you to fall back. He loves you. Therefore, serve no other god, but serve the Lord Jesus only. Don’t serve any three gods, but serve the triune God, one Holy Spirit in three manifestations. He is the Lord Jesus and you will really have power.

You can just feel His power up here. It’s getting tremendous, you can’t help but to get a blessing. Begin to relax and drink it in like sunshine or water; just take it in, in your system. You will be building faith. You will be building power. Worship Him who made the earth (Revelation 14: 7). Worship Him who lives forever, eternally. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal. That’s who you worship. Revelation 10 verse 4 tells you that. “…let all the angels of God worship him” (Hebrews 1: 6). That’s Deity, isn’t it; when all the angels turn and worship Him like that? It is said here; David wrote about it, “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee” (Psalm 22: 27). Even those that rejected Him in doubt shall fall back in awe from Him with a kind of worship. He is all power. Men are doing this, men are doing that. Satan is doing this and satan is doing that in the nations. He [God] is sitting. He is watching. He knows all those things. But there is coming a time when you will see all this awesome power I have told you about, and not only that, saith the Lord, but this entire planet since the days of Adam until now shall witness it. I believe that. Everybody that is born from Adam will stand up and they will see Him before it’s all over. What a Savior we’ve got! How powerful—for any puny [little] problem—if you would just let Him handle it, you have no problem at all.

Listen to this right here: if you ever get into the anointing and let the anointing get on you just right and the revelation power should begin to move upon you, you will see what those prophets—the born prophets—that came close to the Lord saw and the reaction that took place. Now, we have people, you know, I have prayed for people that would pass out and fall down. I don’t have that as a type of ministry—they just fall all the time—but there is such a power to heal and to work miracles instantly. I don’t go into details about that, but we have people fall here and they fall in other ministries, and so forth. But there is a deeper falling. I mean deeper than anything we have ever seen on this earth; maybe at the end of the age it would come in such a way, but with it would come the visions as it did with the prophets. With it also, would come something that would be seen, the glory, His Presence and other things. Let’s see, the prophets, what happened to them? It’s not like some people think; when it is very powerful, and it goes beyond what the flesh can ordinarily stand, there is a reaction, a powerful reaction. So far, we have seen it mostly happen to the prophets because of the way they were made; they were kind of trained—something about them.

Let’s see what happened here. We find out that when the Lord would appear to some [prophets], their bones would quake; they shook and shuddered at the power of God. Some of them would turn and fall away, and the hair on their heads, like Job’s, would stand up. Things would take place out of the ordinary. They were overwhelmed with God’s power that would come upon them and some would fall into a deep sleep or into a trance. Now, listen to this: when demons came before Jesus Christ, many times they would fall and cry with loud voices and they would fall down. Paul saw Jesus and he fell down. He became blind on the road to Damascus. When John saw Jesus, he fell as one that was dead (Revelation 1: 17). He fell away and he quaked. He was astonished when he got up. How great! When Daniel saw Him, he fell down on his face and passed out. He was astonished. His body was kind of sick for days. He was astonished at the power of God. Oh, how great! And the visions would break forth; Daniel would see angels, the throne, the Ancient One and the wheels of God. He would see magnificent things that God would show him and the Lord Himself in several manifestations appeared to him. He would see God’s moving in the end time and he would see all things unto the days that we live in. Even John would see the apocalypse, a book of Revelation and the visions that came before him as he fell down like a dead man.

We are living in an age where people fall under the power of God, but this was different—they couldn’t help it. It [the power] just put them out and He put those visions inside their hearts [minds]. Visions would break forth and they would see things written in the scriptures. I think at the end of the age, even as God has said in the book of Joel how He would visit the handmaidens, the old men and young men in visions and dreams, all that would sweep into the Jewish age—the elect are caught up—but it goes over to them. What a great power and they were astonished. Such great force that He had and by holding that force back, they were able to live, or they wouldn’t even live. They would have to change to a spiritual body. Paul called Him the Only Potentate and said that in a certain dwelling that the Lord has—in the original dwelling—no one has ever approached or will ever approach it because no man can live there. But when He changes and comes in a form or in the Holy Spirit as He wants to come, then mankind can stand it like that. But there is a place where He is alone where no man has approached or can approach. How He is, what He is and all about Him, no one really knows the depths and the secret place of the Almighty. How great and how powerful He is.

We are dealing with a Sovereign Power who just hauls out these galaxies like rocks, and just puts them in place like that by the billions and trillions—sun and stars out there. He is the very One that became a man and gave up His life so that all of you could live that would believe in Him. How great a One is that, that would come down and do that! When you boast upon Him, you cannot boast enough and when you exalt him, you cannot do that enough. He is the One that causes the cancers to disappear when I pray. He is the One that causes those bones to straighten out. He is the One that when you pray, that old pain has to get out of there. Amen. You believe that tonight? God is really great. And the bible said they all fell down. When Ezekiel saw Jesus, he fell down on his face (Ezekiel 3: 23). He saw chariots. He saw the Lord’s throne. He saw different types of angels that had not been seen before with different types of faces. He saw all kinds of beautiful colors. He saw the glory of the Lord with the cherubims; a little later on, he saw the seraphims. He saw many manifestations of the Lord. He fell back. He fell down. When the wise men saw the baby Jesus, they fell down (Matthew 2: 11). Are you still with me?

We’ll show you more here about those that fell down when Jesus came unto them. When the soldiers came to Jesus in the garden, they fell back, and they fell down. When Balaam saw Jesus, he fell flat on his face (Numbers 22: 31). That was the Angel of the Lord, see? When the mule saw Jesus, it fell under Balaam. What kind of a God are we serving? A great and a powerful God. And you say, “You mean one word and the people of this world will fall flat? Yes, everyone will fall flat. This is not idle boasting. This is really true because in one night, 185,000 fell flat, dead (2 Kings 19: 25). That’s right. When David saw the Angel of the Lord, he fell on his face (1 Chronicles 21:16). When Peter, James and John saw Jesus transfigured, they fell down; they fell away. The bible says that the 24 elders fell down at His feet. They sang a new song (Revelation 5: 8). Twenty- four elders, sitting around the throne, but they fell down. No matter how much seniority they had, no matter what they were or who they were, when He approached in the right Spirit and at the right time, they went down. He is the Commander.

People today, they don’t want to hear anything so powerful or hear anything with such commanding force. No wonder they can’t get anything from the Lord. They make Him to be just above a man or something like that. You can’t make Him a little above you; you can’t even do anything by yourself. You can do nothing without me, saith the Lord. When you begin to exalt Jesus, satan has to fall back. He (satan) wants to be the god of this world. He wants to rule in this world, get all the praise and be exalted. Finally, at the end of the age, we will see a man exalt himself, the bible says in Revelation 13, with great boasting words and words of blasphemy to heaven. Satan wants to get all the praise of men on this planet. So, when you begin to exalt and praise the Lord Jesus in your heart, and you begin to boast of the Lord Jesus and what He can do for you, satan won’t remain around long because you are doing it right. Even in the Old Testament, Isaiah 45: 23 says, “…unto me every knee shall bow.” You hear people say, “I am not going to do this. I am not going to do that. Well, I am not going to preach it that way.” At the end of the age, I don’t care who they are, Mohammedans, Hindus, Protestants or Catholics, every knee is going to bow. You watch. You talk about authority, you better get prepared for it. You are going to see authority like this world has never seen before.

Brother, you won’t be dealing with this earth’s leaders, you won’t be dealing with any kind of angel or any kind of mighty rich man upon this earth or any kind of demon powers or fallen angels, you will begin to deal with the One who created everything. That is power. That is great authority. As I live every knee shall bow to me (Romans 14: 11). This ought to tell you something here; at the name of who? At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow; all in heaven and all on earth (Philippians 2: 10, Isaiah 45: 23). The twenty-four elders fell down and sang a new song. The angels? Not one time would He glance at them to do their duty because they are ready to do it. They know who He is. They know how powerful He is. They know how true He is. They know how honorable He is. They know the difference between Him and satan that got out of there (heaven). So, remember when you boast in the Lord Jesus, you are not only building up a good friendship with Him, you are building up your faith, salvation, strong mind and confidence and you are driving out worry and fear. Also, you are putting yourself on a proper path, saith the Lord, so that I may guide you. He loves His people. He lives in those praises. That is where life and power is, in that exaltation. He appeared to the prophets in different manifestations and at different times. He is the Dread of all the angels. Even the seraphims fall back and they have to hide themselves. The bible says they have wings; with two of the wings they cover their eyes, with two of the wings they cover their bodies and with two of the wings they cover their feet. Even the seraphims fall back and cover their eyes. He is really great.

Even the three disciples were beside themselves when they looked upon Him at transfiguration. His face was altered, glistening and He shone like lightning. How beautiful it was before them! They had never seen anything like that. They forgot about all their other friends, the other disciples. They forgot about the world. They forgot about everything in this world; they just wanted to stay up there. There was no other world at that time, but up there. How powerful can you get that people are like that! He appeared at transfiguration and revealed himself as He existed before He came. He said, tell no more about this. I must go to the cross, then I would be glorified, see? The angels and the seraphims covered their faces from the burning brightness that was upon Him in Isaiah 6: 2). He is a wonderful God and the most powerful Object of worship that you can ever be around. He is above all in our worship. He is above all in our thought. He is above everything and anything. Isaiah said that we would see the King in His beauty. He would be a Diadem of Beauty (28: 5). The Perfection of Beauty (Psalm 50: 2). Amazing and glorious (Isaiah 4: 2). So grand and majestic that no one else in the world or in heaven or anywhere will be able to compare with Him. When you see some of the final stages of the Great One and His manifestations—some of the prophets got a glimpse of it—lucifer can nowhere touch him at all. The son of the morning [lucifer] is darkened out.

For one thing, the feeling of the great divine love, the feeling of His great divine love, the beauty of his great creative power, the feeling of such justice—He has perfect wisdom and power—and when you feel all that combined, He can have plain clothes on and knock you down. There are forces in there mingled with supernatural light that is not created, light that cannot wear out, and light that has been, never created and always will be. You are dealing then in another dimension, totally away from this old physical world that He just popped out here and said I will visit it at the appointed time and people would be there that I would come and get. The deep places of God; no matter how many millions of years before He actually did it in that certain locale, but it was marked. We are marked in our galaxy. We are standing between the different planets where we exactly are today. All of that was marked and when the time came, we arrived. At a certain time, He said I will visit them for the last time and then I will take away those people that love me that I might share my eternal life [with them], for they are worthy. They love me, they exalt me, and they would do anything for me. They would die for me, saith the Lord. They would go to the end of the world for me. They would preach. They would witness. They would spend long hours for me. They would do all these things. I would come and get those people, and give them eternal life for they are worthy of that. 

Do you ever realize what eternal life is? It’s almost like you become a god yourself; but you are not, He is God. But you become more. It’s hard to even realize how to explain it. You won’t have any blood in your veins anymore nor any water in your system. You would have His glorified light. You would become part of Him. It’s such beauty and so glorious! No matter what we look like right now, we are all going to be beautiful then. He knows how to do it. Yet, you would all be recognized, and you’d know one another. He has a name for every one of you that you’ve never heard yourself. He’s already had the name. He seems to know who is going to be in the meeting, doesn’t He? Amen. He is really great! He is majestic, and He is powerful. And so, it says here, He is a Diadem and He is perfect in all His beauty. To behold Him, the prophets would quake and fall down. The prophets would pass out and not wake up for hours and when they do, they are astonished and shaken by the power of God.

What we see today is a few glories or a few things come down upon the people and the presence of the Lord. Let me tell you something–on this platform—I have been on this platform and in my home, it happens too. Sometimes, the power of the Lord works in many different ways and many manifestations. It’s according to our faith, how we were born, what He sent us to do and how we believe and pray. That is how it happens. I have seen the Lord so powerful. You know, I am a little overweight. Amen. You are bound to get heavy. I don’t get a lot of exercise. But I have seen the power of the Lord so powerful, I didn’t have any weight. I thought I couldn’t hold myself down and that I would float. You know those people that are on the moon that you see couldn’t get back down on the ground; that is exactly how I felt. That’s the Lord that told you that right there! I have had that swing up here sometimes and wondering if I were really doing those miracles here. Same thing in my ministry when I would go to crusades, many things happened, and they photographed many things. Many things would appear, and they would catch them on film. At the end of the age, almost all of you will experience such great things in this building and such wonderful things on this platform. You can’t help but have experiences that you have never dreamed of, before the translation, before we get out of this world. You will fall into trances and vision. You will see the appearing of Jesus and angels. He is not going to forsake us. It is going to get stronger and more powerful. As satan out there gets stronger and more powerful, just look for Jesus to get [even] stronger and more powerful with us.

God is moving in His forces to come to His people and His people will listen. The power of God will be with them. Sometimes, I will just feel ordinary; I will be praying, and it will get so powerful that instead of gravity leaving, it will feel like I have gravity pull upon me. It feels like gravity is going to pull me down. Then that feeling will leave all of a sudden and you become normal. See; the prophets saw visions. It felt like gravity just pulled them to the ground and they couldn’t get up. Daniel couldn’t move. The angel had to come over there and touch him to get him out of it, and then help him get up. He couldn’t even get up; the man was astonished. For many days, he went around getting visions to relate to us at the end of the age. John fell, as a dead man. There was no life in the man, it looked like. He could even get up. He couldn’t help himself. The Almighty was there; He helped him get to his senses. Then he went forth to write the book of Revelation. So, we see, with all this power and all the prophets falling back, if it [power] had been stronger, they would not have come back; they would have to go on with Him.

If you see it as the angels see it, and believe it as the seraphims and cherubims, and the other great angels around Him—there are so many of them in different parts of the universe—it is impossible to number the angels, they are far more than the demons and devils—there is nothing to the demons compared to angels. But if you knew what those angels know, if you catch it like they catch it and if you believe in your heart like they believe it, I tell you, you are going to have confidence, your prayer is going to be answered and God is going to keep you happy. The Lord is going to keep you moving. Eternity is right around the corner. My, you are just going to feel so good that you are going to go away with the Lord Jesus. Then the eternal life He gives you means more and more; what He has given you becomes more of a reality. That is the way it is going to be, saith the Lord Jesus, just before I come to get you. I believe that! You will be caught up. Oh, how beautiful, shining like a diadem, timeless and white. He can come in glistening light. I don’t know the number of the numerous manifestations of the Almighty seen by the prophets clear up to the book of Revelation. How great He is!

You can’t help but feel so good. Do you know what we have done in this service? It seems like everything is working toward worship tonight. We have got so much to be thankful for, so many blessings. So, what we are doing tonight in this message, the way the anointing was moving upon me to bring the message; we have been worshipping, we have been exalting Him, praising Him and we have been, believing Him. We have given Him just reward and dues tonight that we owe Him after all the messages and other things He has done for us, healings, miracles, how He has moved for us and the breath that we breathe. After He has done all these things for us, then we should have a night like this when we exalt Him. Amen. Praise ye the Lord Jesus. How wonderful He is

The sermon: Exalting Jesus. The bible says His name shall be called Wonderful. Why did the bible say that? Because when you say “Wonderful,” it is like you have excitement in your heart. How many of you believe that? You exalt Jesus in your heart and it just makes you feel great. It makes you [feel] wonderful and the Lord is really great. He will give you the desires of your heart, the bible says, as you exalt Him in your heart. Come on and worship Him tonight. Let’s make the angels feel like they haven’t done enough. I got a special blessing for preaching a sermon like this. I can’t even walk. God is really great. He is really powerful. Get happy. God’s people are happy people. Now, let’s shout the victory!

Exalting Jesus | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1163 | 06/24/1987 PM