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Apostasy Cycle | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1130 | 11/12/1986 PM

There is not too long to work because the great deceivableness is upon the earth. It is covering the earth. People think they have a lot of time, but as the Lord revealed to me the devil is sure laying a snare. He is laying a trap. We want revival; revival comes by casting out the evil spirits thereby, allowing the people of God to have perfect faith in the Lord Jesus and believe Him in their hearts. The saints of God should believe this message. They should have nothing to fear. They should believe the message. It is a guidepost for them.

We are going to talk about the Apostasy Cycle. The apostasy cycle started with Cain and Abel. Cain wanted to worship God the way he wanted. Abel wanted to do it the right way. The first apostasy took place right there. So many years later, Enoch was born, apostasy took place and also, later, with Nimrod. Apostasy happens in cycles but there are revivals that happen in between. We are talking about 6,000 years of apostasy and revivals that have taken place across the earth. Right now, along with the revival of gathering God’s children, we are in the apostasy age. The greatest apostasy of all time is among you, saith the Lord.

As I was taking notes on the message, one of my boys was out on the grounds (Capstone Cathedral) watering the plants. A car drove up and this fellow came out. The person said that he and a few pastors in town would like to sit down with Neal Frisby and talk to him about “this trinity thing.” They don’t understand how the Lord deals with me—how I stay by myself. They must think that I am connected to some secret organization—the Illuminati or something else. “No matter what, he keeps preaching. He keeps preaching while we keep getting deeper in debt. Something must be wrong somewhere anyway.” The guy kept arguing about trinity. My boy doesn’t like to argue.” No, it’s a matter of faith in God’s word. I have got people behind me in different parts of the nation. I told my boy, “Don’t mind what he said. I won’t sit down with them at all. Finally, my boy looked at him real solid and he left. As I was praying, the Lord told me satan is the king among the apostates. Around that time, another fellow came to the grounds and said, “I just love the ministry, is there anything that I can do to help.” He said, “I do this kind of work (landscape, yard work). I will do anything. I just want to help.” He goes to church here. I said, See, see what ran out and what God ran (brought) in. That’s the Lord showing you both ways: one wants to help and the other brings an argument. He was like Cain. He was going to have his own religion and do it his own way.

An apostate is not necessarily a sinner. An apostate is someone that has heard the word and after receiving all the facts decided to turn it down for something that was more into his fashion and rejected the very truth he once believed. That’s an apostate. It has nothing to do with sinners out there. They have a better chance. The bible said in Hebrews 6: 4-6, “For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost….If they shall fall away, to renew them again to repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put him to an open shame.” It is exactly right. Sinners can repent and come to God, but not the apostate.

The next thing the Lord told me, He said, “Now, the head of all apostates was satan. Satan was the very first apostate.” He said satan had all the facts, the Word was standing right in front of him, the pure word, saith the Lord. Satan had all the facts. At one time, he accepted the Lord. He had once worked for the living God. But like Cain, he said, “I will do it my way. I want this kind of belief.” He said, “I want to be above God.” He was the first apostate that departed from the truth that was in front of him. How many of you believe that? Satan wanted to argue with God, but God burned his tail and cast him down to earth. Jesus said, “Get thee behind me, satan, you apostate.” In other words, “Shut up, satan.” If my boy had known, he should have said, “Hold your peace, satan.”

“For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men turning the grace of our God unto lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ” (Jude: 4). Like satan, they were ordained to apostasy. In the cycles of the bible, each time God gave a blessing, it was followed by apostasy. God would send a blessing—a prophet or a king would come—and it was followed by apostasy. There was apostasy for many years. Elijah appeared on the scene and brought them back.

There are seven church ages. Now, we are in the Philadelphia age but it has run over into Laodicea, the 7th church age since the Apostle Paul. We are now in the age of the Laodiceans—the lukewarmers—hot and cold mixed together, it’s lukewarm. The Lord gave them a chance. They put Him outside and He was knocking on the door. The Laodiceans apostatized after knowing the truth and turned it down. You cannot argue with them. Their minds are seared and they are blind. Don’t ever argue with them. It will never work. That’s what they want. They want an argument. But God has already argued our case well and without an argument, saith the Lord. If you love God and if you have salvation in your heart, this message will mean something to you. If it doesn’t, you may be crossing the borderline into apostasy.

Jude said, contend for the faith that was once delivered to the church. Apostasy sweeps it away but he said contend for the faith. Bring it back again. Those who depart from the faith are in a strong delusion, they reject the truth of the Lord and there is nothing you can do with them. They still claim an experience with God, but they are in the fallen away category. How can you fall away from something that is so true that God gave and then, settle for something that is false? That is an apostate, saith the Lord. Satan settled for something different from the Almighty God. He settled for humanism–his own self. He wanted to run his own show, that’s what the Lord showed me. But his show will soon be over.

The apostates are self-willed and determined in the wrong direction. Elijah told the Baal worshippers, “Call on your god, Baal. Call on all your gods–You’ve got 500 of them—and I will call upon my God.” Thus saith the Lord, “Why don’t you just say as it is said in the book of James, satan knows there is one God and he trembles?” Satan saw there was one God. He left the throne/heaven, came down here and told them there are three gods and even more gods in order to block the true God. Remember, you are in the minority when you have the One God, that’s the way the Lord likes it. He only needs one to put 10,000 to flight. Satan needs millions to put them to flight. God is God.

What happens when they fall away? They go into delusion; 2 Thessalonians 3, 9-11, that’s where they wind up. They are the ones that the bible said received not the love of the truth. Therefore, the Lord gave them the big lie—satan. Now, listen to this: it’s not great organizations or systems or mass religious outreaches–some of those are false–that we need; what we need is the Holy Spirit calling out a people for God’s name. It’s neither huge organizations nor great, mass religious effort; they don’t work right. Do all you can for God, I believe that, but it is the Holy Spirit Himself calling out a people unto Himself for His Name. Read Acts 15:14, saith the Lord. He is calling them out—He is calling the Gentiles out for His Name.

Apostasy is now sweeping along with revival. Both will reach their peaks—one will go to heaven and the other will go to the antichrist. Right now, there is no time left for the Laodicean age and we are in a great apostasy across the earth. It is moving in every direction. There will be an outpouring that has never been seen before. He is calling out a people. These are the last days. We find out there is a satanic infiltration: “ Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4: 1). That’s our time, right now. It’s happening. You say, “Some shall depart from the faith?” That’s your apostate. “You mean after he saw the miracles, after the word was preached? After the Lord revealed Himself to him and he departed from the true message? That’s exactly right. That’s where we are right now.

Demonic activities will increase toward the end of this church age in leaps and bounds. You better know the Lord because it is going to cover the earth like a big dark cloud. But God will lift up a standard and the anointing will become stronger and more powerful. Soon, you cannot stay here because of the faith and power, you must be taken out. We see the infiltration of satan in all the churches he can get into; some of our Pentecostal churches are teaching false doctrine. So, watch! I will keep the pure word here; let the preachers out there howl and bark; I don’t care anything about that. What happens is, I stay clear out of their way. “Why doesn’t he come to our breakfast over here? Why doesn’t come and meet us over here?” I don’t know; ask the Lord. I don’t know why I don’t go there, except that God is me and I do what I do here. I believe in unity and fellowship, but I don’t believe in apostates.

I will tell you another thing, the Lord revealed this to me too: I believe a person can have a personality, that’s right. But they are trying to build their churches on personalities. They are going to do like they do on television, basing shows on personalities. They want a person with great humor, great personality, a businessman—they want someone that is smooth. That’s what they want. But not one devil is cast out, not one miracle is taking place, not one true word is being spoken and three gods are being taught. There is only one true God and He manifest Himself in three ways. He has control of those three ways. Nothing ever broke from Him but satan. Satan and demons know and believe that God is one and they tremble (James 2: 19). You can’t make satan and demons tremble with three gods. They (satan and demons) have control of them.

2 Timothy 3: 1-5: This is a sign of the sterility that is in the churches. This is the perversion we see in the world today. This nation has more crimes than any other nation. It has (consumes) more alcohol than any other nation—France might contest somewhere in there. Perilous times are coming at the end of the age. There is a payday coming, saith the Lord. The wages of sin is death; repent, come towards Jesus. Don’t, saith the Lord, don’t be an apostate—apostates do not believe the true God. It seems the churches have no power; they have a form of godliness, but there is no power to deliver. We look at our street, we look all around, if every minister has deliverance power, you would see a difference on those streets. There are just a few gifted ministries left that have the true power of God in them.

At the end of the age, it seems people have to go through great chaos and crisis to come to a powerful gift and anointing to crack down the devil. In the age we are living in, only a true powerful ministry can deliver what the people need because they are going deeper into apostasy—they believe not the truth. The Laodicean church age is running out now. We are in the transition period. But there will be one of the greatest outpourings among the true seed that He has pulled back and has not let them apostatize. He will hold those in there and that is why the revival is going to take place. Number one in all these things: 90% of the churches have no power. They are not productive. I thank God for all those that believe in the Lord Jesus and His anointing.

The sign of humanism: materialism is creeping in (Revelation 3: 17). “I am rich and have need of nothing…” That is your humanism at the end of the age and the materialism that is coming into that. Great Babylon is arriving soon upon the earth. Before Jesus returns, there will be a huge super-church worldwide. The church will have power to kill anyone that disagrees with them and anyone that does not acknowledge the antichrist. I have heard people say, “I will never take the mark of the beast.” One night, the Lord definitely revealed to me there will be a delusion—He said he will laugh at them in derision in heaven—many will give their lives. It’s a different order of people ordained of the Lord. These other ones that are apostates in Pentecostal churches, that delusion will come; they will believe the lie and deny the word of God. The deceivableness about it is that they claimed, “I will never believe it.” “You will,” saith the Lord. “I will make you.” saith the Lord. You remember satan looked right at God and turned Him down. Judas looked right at God and turned Him down as the Messiah. He was an apostate. He had all the facts. “He sat down with me and talked with me. He heard my voice and saw the miracles.” Yet, he apostatized with the Pharisees in a falsehood and turned me down. You will say you will not be deceived. You are already deceived, saith the Lord. I am speaking of those that have apostatized.

On this tape; the people that listen to my tape, when you hear these people (apostates) scoffing and walking in different ways and cannot believe as you believe, pay them no attention. There is something powerful for you that love the Lord with all your heart. Pay no attention to them. They are supposed to come at the end of the age and give the trumpet an uncertain sound. Today, we have Great Babylon which involves all the religions of the world including Catholics and the Pentecostals of this world who do not give their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe Him like He said in the bible. That’s your Great Babylon, the great apostasy upon the earth sweeping everywhere in there—and the ecumenism. The harlot is coming back home again. At the end of the age, all the churches will bring in a super-church. Then, they will join with the government and persecute the people like they have never been persecuted before. At the end of the age, some pontiff or US president will go to Jerusalem and claim the antichrist is the Messiah of the world. Everyone that knoweth not me–and every nation—whose name is not in the book of life shall worship him. You say, “How about the foolish virgins?” They are written in His book, too.

Apostasy is going to sweep the churches together and God’s Holy Spirit will sweep the Lord’s people together. One vine is going to the antichrist. One vine is going to the Lord Jesus Christ. After the whole world has turned down the Lord Jesus Christ, they will go down and commit suicide at Armageddon. The flesh does not want to believe anything, but that Spirit will win every time.  Turn the Spirit loose. Structural changes: they will have new cities appearing. The presence of the antichrist is being felt in parts of the earth now. He has not been revealed yet. When God’s people are translated, then he is totally revealed (2 Thessalonians 2: 4).

Things are happening. I believe just a while back, real estate builder, a developer—where the money comes from, nobody knows—a young man built at first a great skyscraper, then he built another skyscraper, he bought this and that. Of late, they asked, according to reports, what he is going to do next. He said he is going to build a great harbor on the east side of New York City, the coast area. He is going to build a five-billion-dollar or more city within the city of New York. They already called it the Great Babylon on the Hudson. It will have three different zip codes on the island. It will be a great part of Babylon; commercial Babylon will be there. He said the tallest building in the world will be built in the middle of it. He said it will be a television city reaching worldwide. When they get that started, it will change the whole structure of New York. All the gold reserves of the world are in New York. They don’t belong to the US. We protect them for all nations. The false prophet that arises in the US will be where that gold is. This electric/television city reminds me of image unto the beast.  We know in the US a false leader will arise with tremendous power, a spellbinder. He will be connected to the very beast power. In fact, he is the one that convinces the people that the beast is god. That is their plan. The structure of this world is changing. Where is all that money coming from? International bankers or even the underworld too—Arab money, Jewish money. We see that apostasy is sweeping. The man’s name is Trump. That’s his name. Whether he is involved or his associates, we don’t know. Sometimes, you get a clue with symbolism. The city will be built along the seashore. The bible says the Lord Himself will have His left foot on the sea, His right foot on the earth and time shall be no more. The Lord shall sound with the voice of the Archangel and with the trump of God. Building on that seashore; the Lord put him on that seaboard telling us our time is over and that the real trump will call. It doesn’t say trumpet, it says trump. Don’t get confused. He may or may not know God, but he is associated with all these elements, all of the money men, the underworld. He, himself, may not know where the money is coming from. He has huge casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A great fantasy world is coming. During that delusion, they will not know what hit them, saith the Lord. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of those people on the seaboard, but they better turn to Revelation 8 as a mountain burning with fire, a huge asteroid is coming to hit the sea; a third of all fish will be dead and a third of all shipyards will be wiped out. That is where he (Trump) is, he is in the shipyard, right on the east side of New York City. In one hour, great riches are come to naught (Revelation 18: 10).

This earth is changing. It is changing fast. During the 7-year period, the whole world will be restructured for the antichrist with computer. Hold on to the Lord. Leap for joy that you know the truth—the truth shall make you free.s The Lord performed great miracles after the temptation. Then, apostasy set in. His disciples fled; only two (his mother and John) were at the cross. Apostasy came in and left Jesus alone. He came right back in the resurrection. Apostasy is setting in everywhere, but the Lord will take the elect out. In the last days, scoffers will come, scoffing and laughing at you. How can they be like that with all the signs around them?

An international religious poll was conducted in which people were asked two questions. The first question was, “Do you believe in God or a universal spirit?” The results are as follows: In India, 98% of the people polled said they believe in God (they believe in demons, not in the true God); US 94%; Canada 89%; Italy 88%; Australia 78%; UK 76%; France 72%; West Germany 72%, Scandinavia 68% and Japan 38%. The second question was, “Do you believe in life after death?” The results in the US dropped to 69% (they all say they believe in Him, but how many really believe?); UK 43% (they can’t face God even after producing the King James Bible); France 39%; Scandinavia 38%; West Germany 37% and Japan 18 A%. If you believe in God and do not believe in life after death, you don’t believe in anything. Anytime God gives a blessing, apostasy sets in afterwards. Japan at 18% scored the lowest on both questions and it was the place where the atomic bomb was dropped. The US got in to help them. Japan has done well. At the end of the age, they will go on the side of communism against the US and burn with convulsion.

This world is trying to laugh off and drink up its problems. They are preoccupied with all kinds of sports. God is not in all that they are doing. People are running from God. God is coming; I hear the thunder of His coming. You people that hear this message, you are privileged. Apostasy cycle is upon us. Revival cycle is upon us too. Prophecy is true; it is real. Right now is the time to move and do something for God, to testify. Don’t let them turn you away from the Lord Jesus. In such an hour as you think not, He will come. You ought to feel confident. Don’t ever exchange the truth that God has given you in this bible for anything; anything else is apostasy. Jesus is coming for His own. Rejoice and leap for joy. Contend for the faith

Note: Please cross-reference point #18 above with the following excerpt from Neal Frisby’s Sermon “Profound Signs” CD# 1445 11/29/92 AM:

You remember the word ‘”trump”–I said it’s strange he’s been in the news quite a bit and he is building a great amount in New York. The recession slowed him down; he’s got too much money and all that. I said his name alone–building New York, a city described by the bible as part of Great Babylon, if not Great Babylon, hooked to religious Babylon; it’s the greatest commercial city in the world. Right there, he has great buildings. I said, “trump”–it shows one thing, that word “trump”–we are getting close, as New York, the way it is situated is a part of Great Babylon–shows us we are getting close to the trump of God. And the trump of God should sound and the Archangel should come. At the voice of the Archangel, the trump should sound and we will be carried away.  How many of you believe that? After I made that statement, they said he was in the news more than anybody else; he is still in the news, and as long as they want to holler “Trump,” it should remind the people that the last trump is about to sound. Amen. Can you say, amen? There is another thing, the seventh trump, I don’t know whether he’ll be here, but he won’t want to be here. Anyway, they sent him a letter on my asteroid article that it will hit a third of all ships and the earth will be destroyed. For some reason, he cancelled the work he was going to do along the coastline.  They don’t know why….At the end of the age that we live in–so, trump–nobody would want to be here when the trump of God sounds; we are translated. But, there is a seventh angel trump. When that seventh trump plagues from the sea worldwide, him and nobody else would want to be here. That would be horror, terror; death would ride the waves of that. Nothing on this earth has been like it or ever will be like it when the seventh vial from the seventh trump is poured out. So, there are two warnings in the name; the going away and the destruction of this earth.


Apostasy Cycle | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD#1130 | 11/12/86 PM