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The Angels of Lights |  Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD#1171 | 08/23/87

We will touch on the subject of the Angels of Lights: The great Angel of Light is the Lord Jesus. He said, “I am the light of the world.” The whole world was made by Him. Nothing was created unless it was created by Him. In the day of creation when God began to create, the word was with God and the word was God. He created light and light appeared in symbolism of the Angel of Light, the Lord Jesus. All things were created by Him and He has angels of light. We know that satan can transform himself into an angel of light, but he cannot imitate the Lord Jesus Christ clear through. Amen.

The Lord God with all His power and tremendous force does not need any angels. He can see everything and watch over His creation all over the universe, no matter how many trillions of miles or light years, it doesn’t make any difference. But he created the angels to give somebody life. Also, He created the angels to show forth His authority and His commands and power. Wherever the angels are, He is in them too; He is working right along with them right there.

The Lord created billions and trillions of angels. We can’t count them all. Someone said, “How long will it take Him to create more angels?” He already has the material to create more angels. He just speaks them into existence and there they are. The Lord Himself can appear as billions of angels. He doesn’t operate as man does. When He needs them (angels), He puts them into positions just like that. He is great. He is the Immortal God.

People go to gatherings to see angels, flying saucers and so on. This practice is akin to sorcery. Watch out! Satanic powers try to offset the work of the true angels of the Lord. The bible said that Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Satan has come down lower to the earth. During the great tribulation, the whole atmosphere will be filled with strange lights. There are good lights too. The Angel of Light is watching over this planet. God has got supernatural chariots and God has got supernatural angels. There will be supernatural lights of the Most High God to lead His children and take them out.

The real angels of God give warnings. The lights appeared in Sodom and Gomorrah; Sodom and Gomorrah had a warning from angels. During the time of the flood, they worshipped idols and were caught away in idolatry. The Lord began to give forth great warning. In our age, angels are giving the warning that the Lord is coming.

Angels travel much faster than the speed of light. The Lord is quicker than your prayer. Angels have a duty. They go from galaxy to galaxy. They can appear and disappear right in front of your eyes. They guide you; the Lord can guide you by the Holy Spirit, but sometimes He interrupts and allows an angel to guide you. Where there is faith, power, the word of God and miracles, angels are there for the people of God. How do you think He is going to gather the elect together for the translation? Angels patrol the earth. They are the very eyes of God floating across the earth, showing forth His great power. Ezekiel calls them flashes of light. There are different duties for different angels. They watch over the earth, some stay around the throne, others are messengers running and returning, and appearing in strange supernatural chariots.

There are numerous angels just before judgment falls upon the earth. There will be numerous angels the closer we get to the great tribulation; the translation takes place before that. Of course, the trumpet angels start with judgment here. Also, the vial angels pour out judgment with the plagues. Those that go in the translation, there will be angels around the graves and we are all caught up to meet the Lord in the air. The warning comes before judgment. The warning that the angels give is to warn people not to go into the antichrist system. They are warning people not to worship Jesus in conjunction with Mary. The worship of Mary is everywhere. This does not work with the scripture. The Lord Jesus is the only name to be worshipped. The angels work with the Holy Spirit. They only obey Jesus; none other. You say, “Don’t they obey God?” Who do you think He is? He told Phillip, “…he that hath seen me hath seen the Father…” (John 14: 9). The angel sitting on the rock—he blew the stone away—was billions of years old; yet, he looked like a young man (Mark 16: 5). He was appointed in destiny to sit there before there was a world.

God’s eyes know all things. He is Supreme. If you allow yourself to believe how great He is, the miracles will come; the more potent and powerful you will feel on the inside. Never limit the Lord. Always do justice; always believe there is more to Him than you can believe. The angels are around the gifts and power. They can supply and they can restore. They are sent by the Lord.

Angels were sent to different prophets in the bible. We don’t understand; at different times, another angel will appear, the God Angel. He appears as the Angel of the Lord. When He does, He has a particular job that He is going to do. Other times, it is an angel. In different works and manifestations, He thought it best not to appear to this one in that fashion, so He sent an angel to them. To Abraham, He brought angels along and He Himself was there (Genesis 18: 1-2). He talked to Abraham and sent the angels to Sodom and Gomorrah. Sometimes, He allows the angels to do the jobs and He does not appear. If He appears as the Angel of the Lord, it might not work well in the person’s mind because they may not be able to stand it. He knows what will work best for each prophet/messenger and what each prophet/messenger can stand. What Daniel stood, most of the minor prophets would not be able to stand.

Angels have a duty in this world. They are around in this world. The angels of the Lord, the guardian angels are around to protect the little children. Without their help, there will be 10 times the accidents. In fact, there will be 100 times the accidents. The Lord is around. If He pulls back those angels and pulls Himself, this planet will be doomed overnight by Satan. God is here; Satan can only go so far. Miracles of supply abound. It doesn’t matter how it is supplied; it will be supplied by a miracle.

Angels shine and glow. They become as bright as jewels. The angel that appeared to Cornelius as the Holy Spirit was about to fall on the Gentiles was “in bright clothing’ (Acts 10: 30). Some angels have wings (Revelation 4). Isaiah was caught up to heaven and he saw seraphims with wings (Isaiah 6: 1-3). They have eyes all around. They don’t look like you look. They are in the inner circle where He is sitting. These are special type angels. When you see them, there is such a feeling of divine love around them; they are like doves. If you try to figure it out by your carnal nature, you will be all tangled up. But if you see them, you will say, “How beautiful!” If you love and accept them, you will have great divine love in your heart. It is an incredible feeling. They can carry a message. They can appear upon this earth.

Angels gather God’s people. They unite them at the end of the age. They appear as men; they eat (Genesis 18: 1-8). Toward the end of the age, angels will intervene. “The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him and delivereth them” (Psalm 34: 7). He will appear to His people in visions and in reality just before the translation. Jesus said He could send twelve legions of angels and He could have stopped the entire world, but He didn’t. Angels ministered to Jesus after His fast (Matthew 4: 11; John 1: 51). As Jesus ministered, He could see all kinds of angels around Him or else His enemies would have destroyed Him. He was in heaven and on earth at the same time. Man could not destroy Him before His time. This means that angels will come and strengthen you as they did Christ. They will come as they did for Christ to strengthen and lift Him up. Angels were with Elijah, the prophet. The Angel of the Lord cooked Him a meal. There will be innumerable angels at the end of the age. Lights will be seen; powers will be seen. Satanic forces will thicken also as he comes closer to the earth.

As people get saved at the end of the age, the angels begin to see the salvation of the Lord and they see the saints get on fire for God; they begin to rejoice among the children of the Lord. The angels’ rejoicing will cause the congregation of the Lord to rejoice before the translation and get happy too. The Lord overshadows everything. The spiritual joy of the angels is something to be felt before the translation. What a feeling we are going to have!

Like I said before, the Lord does not need those angels; He can do it all by Himself. But, let me remind you, it (the creation of angels) shows forth His power. It shows forth that He is great. It shows forth that He is a giver of life. It also puts a separation between Him and directly coming as the Angel of the Lord. He can send an angel. When one passes from this world, he changes into Light. When he does, the angels guide him to the bliss where people rest until the coming of the Lord

Angels carry the righteous to Paradise. This is a good one; you want to keep it in your heart: “And it came to pass that the beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom; the rich man also died, and was buried” (Luke 16: 22). The spirit body of the beggar wents with the angels. He will return to the grave; that spirit will pick up the glorified body. He will join us and we’ll be gone with him. Paul saw a vision of himself in the third heaven before he was executed. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” He said, “I see my body but I am gone with these angels. I am coming close to Paradise.” I have fought a good fight, he said. Paul had a guardian angel with him. The angel told him, “Be of good cheer, Paul” The angel was with him when he was bitten by a viper and should have fallen dead. But, when it was time for him to depart, no angel could save Paul. There was no more written script, no more prayer when it was time for him to lay down that script. Paul went on to meet his reward. He was very confident that his reward was there. God has all providence in His hand. He had the keys of life and death.

Angels will fight for you against the devil to push back the forces of Satan. Each of you at one time or the other, angels will do something for you. They inspire you to say, “Holy, Holy, Holy” to the Lord Jesus. Some people will say, “I don’t need a message like this.” I tell you, you are going to need it someday. But you probably won’t receive it, if you don’t receive it now. These are the words of the Lord. The Great capstone Angel is the Angel of the Lord. He appears like He wants to. He is the Immortal One.

Angels can appear as a flame, as fire. Moses saw Him as the burning bush. Ezekiel saw Him as flashes of light. How great He is! In the Psalms, David mentioned 20,000 chariots with angels in them. Elisha saw chariots of fire on the mountain. He prayed and opened his servant’s eyes to see chariots of fire glowing in beautiful lights around the prophet. Fire was over the children of Israel. He sat over Israel in the night as the Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the Lord. In the daytime, they saw the Cloud. In the evening and at night they saw the Light; the darker it got, the brighter the light, the power of the Lord.  This world is growing deeper in sin, deeper in judgment, crime and dictatorship; you watch the increase of angels around the remnant of the people that are going to be translated. Never worship an angel; He will not receive it.

This message goes into homes in the US, not just you sitting here. And I believe with my whole heart that the reason why this is being preached is because angels are going to comfort those that will be translated. There are going to be disasters, turmoil, and famine and weather changes upon the earth. The angels will be there. Sometimes, a tornado will tear down a whole town but it will come to a place where there is no damage; providence will set in. As disasters come upon the world, angels will have much to do. Angels will direct you that they have a message from the Lord; angels appear, we do not worship them—there are pictures of supernatural lights taken at Capstone Cathedral, in some of the pictures, you can see angels. God is real. What would you do in heaven? O saith the Lord, “What are you going to do in heaven?” What are you going to do there? It’s much more mysterious than this; it is more supernatural there. You are human; you are limited right now. Then, we shall have supernatural light.

Angels in heaven do not marry. They are created for one purpose: to guard and carry out God’s mission. When we ourselves get to heaven, we shall become like angels; we have eternal life, no more pain, no crying or worrying or anything like that. What a marvelous thing that is! Angels do not want to be worshipped. They guide you to the name of the Lord Jesus. Angels of heaven are not omniscient, they are not omnipotent nor are they omnipresent. They don’t know all things neither do they have all power. They must come and go. Jesus alone is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is everywhere at the same time. Anything that is created, He is already there. He is infinite. Angels are not omniscient; they don’t know all things, only Jesus does. They don’t know the exact day, the exact hour or the exact minute of the Lord’s coming. Only Jesus in the form of God and in His power, knows the exact day and hour; He didn’t say weeks or months.

The scripture said that He dwells in such a fire eternal and in such a form of fire of creation that no man can approach. No one has ever seen God in that form and that way before. No one can approach to the throne where He is. The prophets have been caught up; they have seen Him on the throne—but He is covered—they have seen Him as an angel. Angels see Him in the form that He is hidden. He can appear and look at you as a great Majestic King. They saw Him sit at the White Throne. However, no one can approach to the light where He is. Jesus said, “I have seen Him, I know Him.” If no one has been there and seen Him and Jesus has been there and seen Him; then, He is God.

There was a void in Genesis 1 and a time gap. In Revelation 20, 21 &22, there was a time gap. After the Millennium, there is a time gap. Then, there is the White Throne, the angels and the bride sitting with Him at the White Throne. After the White Throne, there is a gap, time stands; a thousand years to Him is like one day. After that time gap, there is a new heaven and a new earth. We are not human then, we become supernatural. We go on to the new heaven and new earth. There will be innumerable angels everywhere we go. God is infinite. He knows everything. Angels know a little, but they are not omniscient, neither are they omnipotent or omnipresent. Angels do not know God’s next move; He didn’t tell them how many of them would fall.

The angels of heaven will gather the elect from the four winds of the earth and bring them in. They are bringing them in. They are going to get all the elect together. Angels throw out the gospel net. They pull out the net. Then, they sit down and pick out of the net the elect of God at the end of the age. After this, what a time we are going to have in eternity! The Lord is in the miraculous.  All over the Old Testament and the New Testament, angels were all over the earth. They don’t have flesh as you have. They don’t have brains as you do. They don’t hear/see as you do. The can hear clear to the throne. They can see clear back there. They have different eyes. They are full of  light. And yet, they appear as men. God is supernatural. It has not entered into the hearts of men what God is going to do for those that love Him. When you need to be comforted, the angels will be around. They will cover the elect. At the end of the age, they will be busy. The Lord will overshadow the people.

It’s a different sermon, but it’s a needful sermon for the people on my list. During the time you need to be comforted, you will have them (angels of heaven). They are going to be with the elect of God. They will carry them on through. The people that receive this, the Lord will overshadow them in their homes and in their lives; the power of the Lord will be everywhere. Let the anointing touch them everywhere, preparing them to meet the Lord Jesus. Amen.


Note: Please read Translation Alert 20 in conjunction with Scrolls 120 and 154).


The Angels of Lights |  Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD#1171 | 08/23/87