The mark casting its shadow before

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The mark casting its shadow beforeThe mark casting its shadow before

Translation Nuggets 41

Foreboding and ominous signs are beginning to appear that was predicted by the scripts for this decade. New type systems in money and identifications are appearing now and the next year or so. For instance the micro-chip which is no bigger than a grain of rice and it can contain all of the information about the person that they need. And in the future they have a micro-chip that can be used in the same manner that sends out signals that can locate the person no matter where they go or try to hide. In the hands of a dictator it means absolute control of those who are left on the earth. Also new things are coming in the banking system. I predicted in the 70’s that they would have a card that would instantly take money from people’s accounts on the spot electronically. This has already come to pass. It is called the debit card. —— By computerized system a person can do business anywhere on the earth without writing checks; by just using their personalized number that is given to them. Many newer changes and alterations are on their way that will blend into international trade.  (Rev. Chapter 18). A word of warning! All will lead to a mark in the skin finally, known as the mark of the beast. It will be digital, meaning the name, the number and the mark will all represent the same thing. Shadows of health, life or death I have received scores of letters asking me, if the President’s health program will be the mark of the beast by forcing everyone to be part of it. Probably not at first, but socialized type medicine finally will come and wind up in the mark as many other type things will also. Like buying, selling, credit and etc. Sinister things are being prepared on the drawing board of men that will be released at the proper moment. All kinds of news reports are being released and I will quote one. “For the first time in history, Americans are going to be required to carry an electronic identification card. The Clinton medical plan requires Americans to carry a card at all times with a magnetic strip that identifies them and contains an enormous amount of other information. The most devastating blow to the liberty of Americans is about to be struck by a federal government that wants to be equal to God. Americans are about to lose a major part of their freedom. The medical security card, Hillary Clinton has designed has a magnetic strip on the back of it. That strip will contain your social security number, your driver’s license number, your place of work and what your salary is, the location of your home, the names and addresses of your children and all your medical records. This is what one Christian report is informing people of. They also believed before the year 2000 that it would be part of the mark system. Like I said before, at first whenever this plan goes into action it will probably look harmless; but later lead into a snare when a world dictator uses it in the wrong manner. (By then over the whole earth). With what I have foreseen the digital code is not too far off. The things that at first look good, peace, etc. will later turn to death. (Rev. Chapter 6), as the white horse of deception turns into the chilling apocalyptic pale horse of death. We are writing this to all our partners to watch and to pray. Before it becomes the mark, I believe God’s children escape into the Translation. Scroll 224. The electronic age Here is an amazing insight concerning prophecy that was giving in a science magazine and we quote, “The computer and the satellite are now carrying us across a new sort of quantum jump in evolution. Electronics can soon link every human being on earth as closely as nerves and circulating fluids link the cells of the body. When the jump is complete in our present social units, the unions, the parties, the armies, the corporations, the churches, and the nations all may be absorbed into a single global being.” This is both dazzling and frightening. Joining it we must surrender our individual freedom and ancient right to decide alone The wisdom of mankind has a lot of wild dreams concerning the future wherein much will come to pass for them, but in finality they will fail and by their knowledge destroy themselves And unless Jesus intervenes at Armageddon, no flesh would be saved, (Matt. 24:22). Surely now is harvest time, let us not forget the Lord’s work.                                                                                              Special Writing # 99.   Comments on {CD #2053 Finishing Touch: At the end there is going to be a finishing touch for the people of God. Today people only seek God when they are in need or in trouble and as soon as He answers or help them, they soon forget, or ignore him. It ought not to be so. Seek the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and all your might. The finishing touch is what counts.  When you are confronted with any situation, firstly, check your faith first and see where you stand with God, before you take any step or action. In certain things encourage people from the word of God, but let them make their own decisions. An outpouring is coming and Satan cannot stop it, neither can he return to be a good angel. When the Lord says to those in the grave to come forth Satan cannot do anything about it because we have already won and have the victory.     (Study 2 Chron. Chapters 14; 15 and 16). The pyramid cap was left out, symbolic of Jesus Christ, which is the Finishing Touch and is coming back. In the Thunders and gathering of the elect is the Finishing Touch. Say, “Lord give me that Finishing Touch.”} Not how you started but how you finished that matters.